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interesting gear: another 909 clone


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just check out the demos. imo, it doesn't come close to the real thing. the kick is too different from the 909 if thats what you're looking for. plus it's missing one of the best things from the 909; the sequencer.

i'd be interested in checking this out..
the jomox xbase:999
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if you don't need the sequencer and having owned both of these at one point, then i'd say novation's drumstation or "d-station" (same thing) is still the best clone plus you get 808 sounds as well.

Mike Goodwin said:
ya the xbass999 looks very nice, just thought folks might be intrested in this cheaper option.
wouldn't mind an updated version of the machinedrum though.


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Say It Ain"t So!

EDIT: you bastard... it's 12 bit! why tease? you make vergel cry.
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