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Interesting Deck Tricks!?...know any?!

Buddy Holly

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I was just wondering if anybody was willing to share any deck tricks with me and the general public. I only know of a few and would really like to learn a few more. Any takers or sharing-type Dj's out there.
One that I use with certain records (on quick break downs or builds is to quickly turn the power on and off again...then wait until the end of the break or build to hit start and the record explodes back on....really effective with x-press 2 AC/DC!
Everfresh made me work the crossfader as he scratched at a party last night... that was kinda cool... other than that, ask Satori and he'll tell you a stori. (booooooooo!
tap the record when its playing to get a wobbly sound.

in a mix where you could cut to the next track, instead of just cutting, hit start/stop and youll get a neat little screeching sound.

while one record is playing out, find a part on the cued record with lots of highs, push the cued record pretty hard and cut over to it for one beat to get a neat scraping sound too, then cut back.
I've also tried off-setting the highs on the cued record and then on the buid up bring it in for a delayed-effect which sounds kinda neat. And there is another one which is really simple... line up a record and as you cross over hit stop and leave it there for one beat. It gives the effect that the record stopped. Thanks you guys. I'll try them out tonight!
oh yeah...after that one beat bring the fader back to thwe record playing out! oops. I guess if you left it there it would be like "Hey! the party's over dude!"
Know any others????
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Wet your fingers (saliva works) and run them across the vinyl in the opposite direction of the spin. If you get the pressure just right, they will kind of wobble accross it and you'll get this nice super quick fast-and-slow effect.

I think it's called hydroplaning or something. Anyway it's cool.
The hydro-plane...is that done on the cued record or is it done to the record being played out.? Another question is there any way to get the rewind effect of a record with out the use of the reverse switch on the tables. Can you manipulate the platter so that the tune stays at the same bpm?
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I tried that rail-on-the-record-while-spinning-trick....and It didn't work! (hahahahah)...oh well, back to the ol' drawing board.
Keep the tips coming!!
Buy two of the same record and play them together slightly off beat from other and you get a nifty echo effect. I think its called "echoing". If it wasn't before it is now anyway.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by d.code:
^^ actually that echoing is phazing</font>

Sweet. It's always nice to be proven wrong. Well now my credibility is shot
^^^^You can phase them, and get an echo delay, or you can bring the beats a little tighter till you get a really wild tape flange sound. Use the fader and eq's to manipulate this, and it could sound much better than a flanger on an efx box.

I love doubling records up.
You can get some CRAZY effects out of them.




put them together on the off beat.

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Okay.... I've only used this trick a couple of times, and it's kind of ... well... *DANGEROUS*... but you can come off looking like the KING OF DJs if you pull it off.

One night I was playing at a smaller club and one of the decks was giving me problems with feedback. I had to keep nudging the gain down to keep that annoying whine from creeping up. The situation pissed me off so much that my set was terrible, and at the end I just thought "Ahhhh.. fuck it. Let's at least give them something to remember!" So I cranked the gain, locked the arm, and lifted up the deck trying to get some neat sounds while my last record finished out on the other deck. If any of you play electric guitar, or have seen any old Hendrix footage, you know what I'm talking about. Well, fuck me sideways, BUT IT WORKED! It's pretty much just like an electric guitar. The distance and angle of the deck in relation to the monitor will generate different harmonic overtones and result in varying feedback notes. The thing that is really funny is that the feedback was actually in the same key as te sounding record (which will not always be the case). And even though my set blew due to my frustration, the crowd loved it simply because of the flashy ending!

Obviously, this is not something that you can always pull off, or something that you would want to overdo. But it IS something that will get people talking about you. It is even possible to play simple melodies once you get a feel for it.

Anyways... try it out. It's up to you to decide if it falls on the "stupid" or "clever" side of the line.

^^^ no thanks.

you can keep that trick??? is that a trick?

nonetheless. thanks but lets just say you keep your lifting of the deck trick.

I've seen a video of some DJ at the DMC championchips in the early 90's do a hand stand on one turntable and spun around on the platter while scratching a record on the other deck. Now that's a trick!
I've seen a nice novelty from time to time and it goes like this:

You place a roll of electrical tape on the plate such that it is centred. You then remove the cartridge and put it back on upside down so the needle is facing up. If the roll of tape is the right size then the record will basically rest right on the needle. You then press play and presto!! You can play your record up-side down.
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