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Damn that was fun!

A big thanks to everyone that braved the cold, the snow and the Christmas rush to come out and make this a truly special night.

As well, respect to Dekoze, Jelo and D-Monic for throwing down 7 hours of solid JAMMAGE.

And the venue... OH THE VENUE...

If ya missed it, YOU MISSED IT!

Wicked space indeed. I heard more than a few people goin off that they felt like they were at a secret old-skool party in a ski lodge in Whistler.

And there's more to come...

Stay tuned.
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pretty cool little party!

Jelo played one of the best sets I've heard in a while.
Unfortunatly I had to leave before deko-ze, which is really too bad cause he's probably my favorite local dj.


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It was truly a great party.

Got some picts {url=http://www.dmonic.com/dmonic/images/misc_picts/intercoerse.html]here[/url]


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where's my car?

was what I asked when we came outta tere early in the morning.

where the hell do u find these killer venus?

A truley good time for all.

what else can I say?

Peace & love. D
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