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Intelligentia and you.


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You educate yourselves but you don't become politicians.
You make lots of money but don't spend it to make change.
You know lots of important people but nobody takes risks.

Do you ever get the feeling that world is around you but not about you?

That you can speculate but never really know?

And that if you actually cared enough about changing something, that it's too difficult, expensive or just futile?

And at the end of day all you've done is learned how to 'complain' intelligently?

The intelligentia rules the world you live in and we're all just pawns expected to participate in their plan or better yet, do nothing at all. It really doesn't matter cuz in their kitchen, they don't need any cooks.

I wonder what Plato would say if he were alive? :D
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My rhetoric is based on a little ditty I read about Angelina Jolie doing what she could in Cambodia. She could have become another cynic which is the easy way out in this life or you could make some adjustments in life and do what you can with what you have. She adopted a Cambodian boy and recently gave each farmer in her area, one cow. She IS politics. Doesn't whine about Bush or spew blah blah blah about this or that... cuz that's a waste of time. She formulated a plan(which included divorcing Billy Bob) and is executing it. I have no idea what any actors in Hollywood are truly like, but I get the feeling that she works to 'live'.

Lara Croft vs. Pol Pot :D (the new year zero battle)