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insurance...who knows some cheap companies


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Anybody know how far back the insurance companies will go into your driving record? is it 6 years?
6 years used to be there norm and 3 for tickets. However there are some companies out there checking back as far as 10 years (PC insurance for example). it used to be every company had the same guidelines but it seems to be less the case now. Try insurance hotline or Kanetix.ca


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CAA tends to be price competitive and have good reviews regarding claims.

I have a CAA member ship and have my home insurance with then. The home insurance rate absolutely destroyed every other quote I received. Like 30-40% less than everyone else. It was so good that I decided to get a car insurance quote from them as well. The car insurance quote was more than double what I'm currently paying.


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Fuck banks! Support insurance companies! lol

I know your're being humorous, but I wanted to point out that banks are not allowed to provide anything more than basic credit insurance.

The insurance companies which you think are banks are actually separate legal entities that are required by law to operate independently. They have their own executives and their own board of directors. The "banks" with which they are associated would be shareholders in the companies.
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I am with Aviva, they increased my rate randomly, after I renew the contract.

I am not in the position to switch at the moment, but I search online and find the best rate.