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Inspired by James' Antibitoics thread?


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PostMOD? Deep? Jeffsus?

Just a thought, how are bacterium/viruses/germs transmitted with the sharing of drinks? Theoretically the alcahol in your gut/in the bottle should kill the germs?


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Thanks bro. Getting better and recovery is speeding up. Just wish I could ditch the coughing fits.

From the Ministry of very kind of you.

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I think germs can latch onto mucous membranes (mouth, nose, throat) and enter the body that way before being destroyed in the stomach. But what do I know?


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yeah i'm no scientician either but i don't think germs/virii attack the body via digestion. they're transmitted through the air and enter through the mucous membranes like tranner said.
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viruses can move through mucous membranes, including those of the eyes, nose and mouth.

So, even something like mono, which is an excretory based virus (in saliva) can be transmitted without you actually kissing someone.

Infected dude coughs into his hand, you shake his hand, then wipe your eyes - and clickity click. You can catch mono.


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I don't know about most of them, but there's something you really must watch for.

It's not a virus, nor a bacterium. Might be a prion or sumfin.

It's called the ghey.

You can get it from looking at people with it sometimes, though rarely. Talking to the people with the ghey will trasmit it directly. Even saying words like "super" the wrong way can give you the ghey. Decorating your house will give it to you. Dressing well, and smelling good will give it to you. If you ever admit to more than 6 people at once that you don't like football, instant ghey.