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Inside/Outside Sales Reps - Downtown Toronto, Pickering, Peterborough & Kingston


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Inside/Outside Sales Reps - Downtown Toronto, Pickering, Peterborough & Kingston

This is not a door to door or telemarketing opportunity.

A recognizable global brand name/industry leader is looking for candidates for an inside outside sales position. It involves selling mainly equipment and services to business clients. Successful candidates will receive 3 months training before sales targets are implememented.


Responsible for cold calling and sourcing of potential customers
Conduct Internet research to develop new leads
Maintain constant contact with existing customers
Attain and achieve sales objectives
Develop new business opportunities
Dealing with high level company executives


University degree preferred or College diploma
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Positive attitude with the desire to achieve goals
Outstanding interpersonal communication skills, ability to multi-task
Must be able to work in a team environment


$2000/month (while in training)
Commission (expected first year income 35-60k depending on performance)
Quarterly Bonuses
Full Benefits
Two weeks paid holidays per year

Application - Resume in MS Word or PDF format only.

email: anewcareer [at] dsemploy [dot] com

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