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Inner City party, Amsterdam


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Just HUGE!!!! The coat check room alone was larger than the entire Guvernment complex! This party was organized beyond belief, even down to the flow of 1-way traffic down the hallways (only thing lacking: trash cans). 40,000 tickets were sold to this event. The building it was in was as big as a small country, I kid you not. But the magnanamous size of the party was also a set back. Even though the main stage room was close to the techno room, due to the 1-way hallways, you'd have to walk ALL the way around the complex again to get to that room. So, I just gave up trying to make it back there- 1 lap around the building was enuf for one night. Got to see Marco V & Mauro Picotto, & the start of Sven Vath's set. Decided we needed to go walk around & ride the amusement park ride instead. People were pretty pushy when going thru the crowd, but we met some really nice people there. People really like to wear matching outfits here, that's for sure. It's all about the glitter & colored hair gels here (guys included). I even ran into someone I know, if u can believe that! Got to speak to Mauro Picotto & his manager Jake after his set (as they have gotten to know me from trailing Mauro thru many a city), & they told me that there were 4 other people from Toronto there. (So, if u guys read this, post your reviews here too).
This party was definitely worth me quitting my job to come over for it on a last-minute decision.
Here's a link to a thread from the Holland section with pics from the party:
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now that's one huge fucking party!

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