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initialization string


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i now call your attention to the texas-based live psy act 'initialization string'! check out their home page, visit their record label, and read the interview at umprod.com for just about everything you may wish to know... i'm very interested in bringing these guys up to toronto to perform their multi-sensory show (live video with live music, booya!) and i've also got a few of their debut 12"s for sale, available nowhere else it seems (cept for umprod.com where the interview is from). support the growing north american psytrance movement!



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I just got back from Dallas-Fort Worth on business but had the chance to meet Brian of Universal Mind Productions. Super cool guy and they're doing some great stuff down there. We spent the evening listening to Initialization String, and they'd definitely be a cool act to bring up. We're talking about doing it in the Spring, along with an UMProd DJ or two, as part of an exchange, as we may go down there with Live PA, DJ's, and deco... more as things transpire.