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Information & Reporting Analyst


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Information & Reporting Analyst
Dundee Wealth Management - Marketing

Responsible for the creation, maintenance, and ownership of databases utilizing information from numerous sources across Dundee and with occasionally differing common denominators. Key requirements include but are not limited to the following:

AUA Sales/Asset data - monthly data-feed with variables including: date, advisor info, account info, client info, region, branch, city, province, dealer, product info, load info, assets, transactions by type, revenues by type, etc
AUM Sales/Asset data - weekly/monthly data-feed with similar variables as above
Commissions/Revenue data-feed - real-time data-feed with variables including: date, advisor info, policy info, client info, region, branch, city, province, manufacturer, product info, revenues by type, premiums by type, coverage level, # policies, etc.
Associate Database - linkage of all financial and non-financial data to advisor contact information for detailed real-time advisor info.
Detailed client address info - with detailed address for geocoding and with linkage to above databases, number of clients, etc.
Industry data - compilation of all key data available from IFIC and FundServ sources including: fund code, load type, manufacturer, asset class, product type, assets, transactions by type, etc.
Financial data - detailed downloads from commissions system and general ledger to support efforts in linking volumes to profitability.
Produce actionable reporting and analyses that will better enable the Regions and Territories to identify key issues & opportunities in their jurisdiction.
Act as investigator for financial information, competitive intelligence, and perform ad hoc analyses as required.
Develop and produce unique reports for the product groups to help them manage their business, determine their ideal client base and how to reach them, and look for opportunities and issues affecting their products.
Managing ongoing data feeds as required from all sources (including larger decision-support database project with I.T.) as well as ongoing data requests. Determine and document the required data sources and the specifications from each (variables, definition, file layout, etc) and then negotiate a service level agreement with each source encompassing specs, platform, frequency, timing, and accuracy of data.
Be responsible for the accuracy of the data. Ensure that all possible quality control checks are in place prior to sending the data to end-users.
Assistance in the automation of numerous reports as databases become stable in order to minimize efforts involved in producing reports and to maximize available efforts in performing analyses.
Be available for ongoing ad hoc work in supporting groups across Dundee Wealth Management.

• Substantial information systems experience in databases, reporting systems, reporting and analytical software.
• Analytics and Reporting background essential, preferably in the financial industry.
• Experience in programming (SQL, Visual Basic, web applications).
• Experience working with MS Access, Excel, SQL 7.0, OLAP.
• Bachelors degree in Business or Information Systems-related discipline.
• Completion of CFP and/or CSC / IFIC is an asset.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Ability to manage large projects spanning several departments.
• Ability to plan, design, and deliver new information/reporting systems from the ground up.

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