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INFO REQUEST: Toronto Rave Scene, T.R.I.P, the PPP, the Protocol....


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Greeting Toronto Ravers,

I am an Edmontonian working on a series of blog articles called "The E-town Rave History Project." It's a historical account of the rave scene in Edmonton, Alberta, 1992-2012, with a focus on the years 1999-2001.

A big part of the Edmonton story is "What Happened in Toronto," because as your police chief and city council did, so Edmonton did follow.

I was wondering if it is possible to reach out to, connect with, and ultimately interview some of the people who were involved with TRIP and the PPP, with iDance, or who were there when these events were happening in Toronto.

My first "batch" of research has to do with everything leading up to the parkade party fatality of October 11, 1999.

I know a fair bit about the "facts" of the Toronto case thanks to the excellent "Raves in the Canadian Public Sphere" thread shared by a TRIP Media Watchdog from back in the day. I would love to speak directly to some of the people who were there.

You can view some of my work so far here: E-town Rave History Project
There is a historical overview of the Edmonton scene, and most recently, an exploration of the old church/warehouse where we used to party.


PS, I will be visiting Toronto next week... also in the more distant future. I would welcome the opportunity to meet in person.
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OK well I cannot find the "Start Conversation" button : (
Could you contact me on Facebook? My name there is John-Paul Wolf-Ferrari.
Sorry to make you jump through an extra hoop. Where's that button?
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