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Influenza - April 2006


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01. Misfilter vs Influenza - Want It All (AMB Remix) [Sinister Recordings]
02. Dreadzone - Elevate (Roxiller Remix) [Functional Breaks]
03. Meat Katie vs Aquasky - Overneath [Passenger]
04. Auqasky vs Autobots - Dreamland [Passenger]
05. Agent Alvin ft. Spikey T - On The Rise (Timmy Schumacher Remix) [CDR]
06. DJ Isy - World Domination (Influenza Remix) [Selecta Breaks]
07. Agent Alvin & Dunsta - Polevault Bandit [CDR]
08. AMB - Rust [Epidemic Recordings]
09. Showroom Dummies - Gaze (AMB Remix) [CDR]
10. Transformer Man - Dance Master (Influenza Remix) [Epidemic Recordings]
11. SOTEG - Engergize Remix [CDR]
12. Entity - Heart Attack (Screwface Remix) [CDR]
13. KMFX - Progress (Influenza Remix) [Illeven Eleven]
14. The Breakfastaz vs Aquasky - Good Sound [Passenger]
15. Kem - A place for You [Funkatech]
16. Ciruit Breaker - Muthafukka [CDR]

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