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Infectious Laughs

Hi i'm God

TRIBE Member
Do you know some one that has one? Do you have one?

One of my best buds Cav has one and when ever my other friend and I are together and need a laugh for the buzz we just think of thier laugh, it's that sincere. Me on the other hand change my laugh styles every few months because I dont like it.

I think a good sincere and jovial Laugh is the key to not giving up hope for humanity

Sunshyne Jones

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when my sister, my mom and i are together we often laugh until we are crying - tears are streaming down our faces, our stomachs are sore, our faces are sore from smiling and we're not making a sound - when we REALLY get laughing we don't make much noise except those loud inhales when you just have to gasp in some air between laughs

ah a good laugh

nothing like it!


once when a bunch of my friends and i had a little shroom fest, i literally fell off a chair, onto the floor, because i was laughing so hard. that was a really truly fun night.


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my dad has a pretty infectious laugh. he laughs like a machine gun and REALLY loud, and hearing it makes me hysterical.

also this one friend I grew up with. he has this really bellowing laugh, one that makes you stop and turn around to see who's doing it. the kind that ruins an entire movie because you can't hear the dialogue. but he goes so nuts with laughter you just HAVE to join in.