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Infected Mushroom!!!!


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all I have to say about tonight, that would sum it up nicely, is HOLY CHRIST! What a fucking amazing night.

When I arrived at the Reverb I was a little worried because there were so many people, or so it felt, crammed into that place. But as soon as Infected Mushroom came on the entire night began to fall so perfectly into place.

These men are so incredibly gifted. Honestly. They bashed out the good tunes up until 5:00 in the morning. And there was never a lull.

and 'Bust a move' right into 'psycho' made me piss myself.

what a great night!!!

thanks Deep sea Fish :D


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you're very welcome and thanks for being part of rockin' it large

i had a very pleasant time

i'm glad i skipped the bingo tonight :p


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wow.... amazing....

sooooooo need some sleep before work at 9:30

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:D :D :D
wow. wow. i can't think of any words to describe how absolutely amazing last night was :) best set ever! everything about the night was perfect (except maybe a little crowding at some points). perfect set :) great decorations and lighting totally set the mood :) perfect people to be there with :)

thanks to everyone who helped make my night :)


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infected mushroom were solid but i didn't find it all that interesting. it sounded like your standard hard trance for the most part. i was much more impressed with what wizzy noise and analog pussy were doing, musically, when they came to town.

then i got gum on my shirt and that put me in a shitty mood so i bailed about 45 minutes into their set.

also, somebody was smoking some cloves or something that smelled so disgusting, i nearly gagged. way to stink it up, asshole.
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I've never witnessed something so insanely primal before.

I'll try to explain it but I mean something like that honestly defies description. From the minute Infected Mushroom went on, it was like the entire dancefloor was one person. These kindof parties are usually quite intense but nothing could prepare me for the onslaught. Literally, front to back and left to right, the entire Reverb was crammed and dancing 100% all out. And who could blame us? IM were absolutely hard and relentless. It was impossible not to get swept up. I let go and danced more than I have in a loooong time.

That's one thing that is so cool about this underground scene within the underground - there's no clubland-style-socialite posturing, every one is a freak and everyone just goes insane in whichever manner they see fit. And it also really helps the crammed factor - it was sooo packed in there, but since literally everyone was dancing, there wasn't the annoying stream of dancefloor-walkers/shovers.

It was also the ultimate blast from the past night too - so many people there who I started partying with long ago, who have drifted away from electronic events and whom I thought I would never see again. It was like being in a time warp.

The sound was awesome, the decorations were wicked.

By far the party/set of the year.


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Best party I've been to all year. :D

Thanks to the DSF crew for bringing these guys in. I've been waiting 3 years to see Duvdev and Aizen perform live.


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REALLY REALLY REALLY wished I'd been to this party. But I was home listening to Infected Mushroom... So I was there in spirit.

- Adam of K town.
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The Future

Big thanks to everyone who came out to support Deep Sea Fish at the Infected Mushroom show. What a wicked night of full on psychedelic trance and a vibe that was fucking electric!

Big respect to all of the out-of-towners that came as well. There were people from Pittsburg, Buffalo, Ottawa and Vancouver (and those are only the ones that I know about. I’m sure there were lots of people from elsewhere too).

So this was two magic shows in a row for Deep Sea Fish: Juno Reactor last July and Infected Mushroom – both were a roaring success in terms of vibe and the quality of the performances given by EVERYONE at these parties.

For anyone who hasn’t tried to organize an event like these, let me tell you that there is a hell of a lot of work that goes into them by a lot of people. They are also very expensive to do and are a roll of the dice every time you enter into something like this. Infected Mushroom was the FIRST show that Deep Sea Fish has put on where we actually *made* some money – and again thank you to everyone who paid to make this possible.

Is Toronto ready for a proper psychedelic trance scene? One where we can bring quality acts like Juno Reactor and Infected Mushroom without losing our shirts every time? I think that it is but we need continued support from all of you who have been there in the past and we need NEW BLOOD! C’mon, this is some of the best fucking music being produced in the world! It carries with it hope and freedom and a release through dancing that is pure magic. Surely there are more people out there who would be interested in that!?!

The next Deep Sea Fish event will be on April 13th. We will be teaming up with another of the hardest working and respected psychedelic crews in Toronto, the Black Light Activists to bring you the Cross Link Tour with Son Kite and Llopis LIVE. I am personally very excited about this gig and I fully expect that it will measure up to the high quality standards that Deep Sea Fish parties have brought to you in the past.
I am not about hype – never have been, never will – this is about the best music, the best people and a kick ass party! We need your support to continue bringing you these events. So if this is what you want then please participate and help keep this scene growing in Toronto!

For those of you that are perhaps a little tired of psychedelic parties being mostly held at the Reverb, I’ll let you know that it’s not at the Reverb. And to shorten the list a bit more, it ain’t at Zen either. :D

If you want to read more reviews of the Infected Mushroom Deep Sea Fish party, you can also check these threads:

Also, big congratulations to Hilary and Clay from R351570R for getting Rave Party of the Year 2001 awards in Eye Magazine – not a bad little pay off for all the hard work!




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Wow. That night had to be one of my favourite nights in the past 3 years. I came down from London with two of my close friends (who don't get to party in Toronto that much), and we all just went nuts.

I'm still sore from the dancing..I' haven't broken out that hard in ages and ages. My friends were amazed. Infected Mushroom was phenomenal..except I thought I was going to cry when they skipped over the piano part in Bust-a-move *sigh*. Then again if they had played it Iprobably would have spontaneously combusted in the middle of the dancefloor!

Overall party rating 9.5/10 (.5 for the lack of the piano part in Bust-a-move!)

Ritika <-- and I agree with everything Basic said (although I didnt see him all night :( )


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Oh yeah and I almost forgot, Dj Dam was fuckin amazing!! I loved the techy shit and the funky shit and the stuff that made me unable to stop dancing!!


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I can't really beat some of the reviews up there ^^, so I'll just go with "WORD!!!" to all those who thought it was amazing.

The Infected Mushroom live PA was pretty damn good. It was well programmed and nicely varied, never locking into a particular style for too long, and showcasing their versatility rather well. That being said, it wasn't the full on epic onslaught I expected, so in my book Analog Pussy still reigns supreme. As far as live psytrance shows go, anyways.

What I enjoyed equally much, music-wise, was DJ Dam's opening set (opening for me, as I got there 'round 1am), who once again dazzled me with an impecable selection of tunes, even with the more techy stuff he was playing. And this time around he wasn't drunk, so no iffy mixing.;) An all-around smooth intro to the mayhem that followed.

Set of the night, however, goes to IM's DJ set that followed their live PA. Now that was some crazyass shit!!! Every single selection was what I'd call a by-the-book psychodelic head-fucking! All dark, all hard and all driving epic madness! Non-stop action, flawlessly mixed, and eliciting an enthusiastic response from a crowd that were dipping into their energy reserves to keep the party going and making our Isreaeli guests smile with satisfaction.

An all around satisfying evening it was - many thanks and much respect to DSF and Subsonic Pete for subsidizing my funds and making it possible.:D I owes you both!

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Events like this make me proud to be part of the Toronto underground. The music kept me moving all night, and it was great to see some familiar faces too - noteworthy on here were Ritika, Pete and Joanne... I was there with Ethan.

I'm getting more and more addicted to psy-trance as events from DSF and BLA, and to a lesser extent Darkrave and Resistor become more prevalent. I'm glad to see something new to Toronto gaining popularity in such a big way. My prediction is that by this time next year we will see at least 3-5 more promoters pimpin' this style of music and I totally have no problem with that.

Wicked job by infected mushroom and all the DJ's involved. You deserve a pat on the back. And I'm glad to hear that Deep Sea Fish saw some much deserved monetary compensation. The hype leading up to this event was pretty big, and I don't think anybody was disappointed.

Oh, one other thing: it has been suggested that people may be getting tired of the reverb - I would like the record to show that while other venues might be nice just for variety's sake, there is something just perfect about the reverb for parties of this nature. Security was friendly, bar staff attentive, and the additional rooms make for a great atmosphere. The place was packed but there was no line-up to get in. I never have complaints about the place other than the dripping from the ceiling, but that's pretty minor.


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Originally posted by dlerium88
Ritika <-- and I agree with everything Basic said (although I didnt see him all night :( )

I saw you run by at one point, but you were moving pretty damn fast so I didn't stop you.

Musical Rush

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Yes what a party it only took me 3 days to recover so I can post a review.

First off i would like to say as my personal opinion that Infected Mushroom's Live Pa blew away Wizzy and Analog Pussy off the planet.First off Wizzy didn't even play live he just mixed off his computer the whole time.Analog were good but nothig like IM ,Analog is coming back soon so we can compare the 2.

Anyway this was my favorite party of all time,the vibe was electric and the music was exsplosive.

So I am looking forward to the next one in April when Toronto's 2 best companies join forces to cook your brain's for another evening of Goa/Psy Trance.

Then the road trip to see Astral Projectin in Kingston.

By the way if anyone was interested X-Dream is in New York April 19th along with Areo 9 <<Spelling?? :\.


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:D omg! did that party ever rawked the hard jam! :D

DSF crew, thank you for a memorable evening of fun and wikkid musik!

i cant wait for the collaboration between DSF and BLA coming quick and furious this month..

nice meetin you subsonic (albeit briefly :))..

love and laughter,



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Whooops! mmmmmm..

Originally posted by basic

I saw you run by at one point, but you were moving pretty damn fast so I didn't stop you.

Too bad when I saw you I almost puked.
I really want you to know that it was NOTHING personal, just a bad dessert choice....

But I got much better after that, as IM cures all!
bravo bravo bravo! And you folks actually MADE money??!

Yahhhh for the old skool feeling these parties bring(or mebbe partially deja-vu due to the #'s of peeps from back in tha day("OMG, your MY age!")....

May make it out to Son Kite, but AP for sure, & perhaps that new weekly at the 160..
-See ya kids!
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Re: Whooops! mmmmmm..

Originally posted by cosmiK-Cat
Too bad when I saw you I almost puked.
I really want you to know that it was NOTHING personal, just a bad dessert choice....

It's all good - I mean if you did puke, at least you had the plastic up I gave you ;)