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Infected Mushroom & Rank1 + everyone else @ Koolhaus/Guv!


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WOW!!! WHAT A NIGHT.... 2 weekends in a row i've been blessed with good company and goodtunes....

i'll give a more detailed review later but this being my first time catching infected mushroom i had to say.. those guys slam out the ENERGY..

D-monic spun some wikkid tracks in charlies from what i heard and whoever was on before him.... was lovin what you were droppin

oh and..... RANK1's first track was airwave... woah! -- unexpected!

need to crash.. still recovering from this flu..

<--- got his dance on.

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Sweet Mother Of Mystery...

I have been taken to 'Old School' School.

DJ 3PO, our last minute headliner in Charlie's tonight, played THE most amazing old school breaks set I've ever heard.

I'm still blown away...

I may never play another old school set again because nothing I do will EVER come close to the set I heard tonight.

Seriously, it was that good.



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ungh so sleepy

infected mushroom was amazing

anne savage was okay

vaguely remember someone telling me I look exctaly like Toni Braxton

good time all in all- great crowd


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I only came to see Gabriel And Dresden and they delivered HUGE!!! THese guys are seriously talkented. I didn't know exactly which guy was which, but i liked the first guy's set beter than the second guy's set. THey started out by playing the expected tracks like Andain- Beautiful things (their mix), and a few Tracks later Motorcycle - As the rush comes. After than for the next hour they really showed what they could do. They played some great tunes. THey got harder right after they played Motorcycle and really kept up the energy level. THey were playing alot of their remixes like Nalin & Kane's Beachball and Sarah McClaghlan's Fallen.

I was pissed off towards the end of their set because they lost the momentum when Infected Mushroom started seting up RIGHT INFRONT OF THEM WHILE THEY WERE STILL SPINNING!!! They couldn't even finish on a good note. No big closing tracks, the last 20 minutes of their set was a write-off.

Left after G&D, passed by Charlies and someone was playing 'We Want your soul.' That's the rest of my review.

G&D were great. Definately want to see these guys play an extended set.

Big Cheese

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i wasn't feeling anything other then what was going on in the acid lounge.....

two decks + two CD Mixers @ the same time

= George layin it on thick

worth all the hassle :^)

i must say though that the vibes in the main room and kool haus were going off, everyone was having a good time

over all a 7/10'ish night for me
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Ultraspin 4 Rocked!

Gabriel and Dresden gave us a special "gift" set full of their own anthems and bangers, definately a set many people will remember for years. Infected Mushroom banged it out so well that I felt like I was transported back to the Underworld concert of 2002. Everyone in the Kool Haus was pounding fists and headbanging and in awe of the music.

In the main room, Anne Savage played her usual bangin' UK Hard House style, but I find this music more annoying than anything else, so I never stayed for extended periods. Charlie's was the place to be it seemed, they had a solid number of people at all times, never too crowded, and the decor is fantastic. Every time I entered the room a new DJ was really givin'er and that was nice to see.

What really made the night was seeing so many unexpected friends everywhere, and making new ones. I find I rarely meet people at parties anymore and for that reason alone will I remember this night.

And since no one has posted anything about the searches, I'm going to mention it:

To Guvernment Owners and Promoters:

Tell your staff to stop grabbing our genitals. This year I won't need to get a physical because the bouncer lady already gave me a genital and prostate exam. When I told her she was playing "out of bounds" it only encouraged her to search more. How low were her hands in my pants? So low that she could feel her other hand through the crotch of my pants. Today I'm going to the STD clinic to get myself checked out, who knows what I could've caught from her ...


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Right i was supposed to go with several friends from guelph to begin with but they backed out last minute. Luckliy my friend malcious motive was like ya i think i am going as well so i was not too distraught about the whole thing. 10:30 comes round and now answer from him so i was like " shit now what"

Luckily( or so i thought) this girl i met at comfort zone rang me at the moment and was like hey want to go out to guvernment. SO i was like right lets go

That was the start of a big big mistake. right so by the time i get there i was like ok get a cab and i will meet you in line. To which i got a response of " why are we going to guv anyways i hear there is this other club that just opened on spandina lets go there"

I was like what????????
Then she was like fine i am will go but come get me at my work. thing is i was already late and i was going to only get to see 2 hours of anne savages set. BUt she insisited so i was like ok.
Anyways so i get the directions to her work. Jarvis and dundas a hotel of some sort called fillmores. Me being the innocent person i am had no idea what this was.

Right when i get there i was like HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is where she works in this nasty strip club i was like oh GOD.
right so when i get there i was like ok lets go. But she had just ordered another drink so we waited and we waited some more and we waited again. By this time i was like you know what i am going on my own i am missing alot because of her.

When i met this girl last time i was pretty out of it and she seemed kinda normal. After 15 mins of chatting with her in the plac ei was like " my god you are nuts what are you on about"

Anyways after a 15 minute delay we finally get down there and there is no line. I get in she is about to and then i hear " what do you mean ID?"

I was like what????
sure enough moron didnt think to bring her ID. All i could think of is what is wrong with you? u came all the way down here without your ID

I felt kinda bad so i was like where do you live i will take you home and we can get your ID.

She like ok its right next to my work.

What i then found out on the drive up there was that she lives at her work in one the rooms upstairs you cant rent.

I was like " WHAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!"

Who is this person this is gettting way to wierd for me

anyways just as she is heading up stairs i hear" i dont like my outfit i think i am going to change"

I was like noooooooooooooo. Imaging how i take and many girls in genera.

sure enough another 20 mins passes.

by this point it is 2:30

I was like ok if we hurry up and get down there i can still get 1 hour of hard house before its over.

Right then when we arrive a massive line.

This twit i was with was like " william i dont wait in lines i am going come with me we are getting in at the front"

Sure enough she tries butting in noone lets and she comes back really miffed.

I was like right didint see that one coming.

in line i met this guy from tranceaddict and we were chatting.

at this point i this girl was like" ohhh i hate trance and hard house" i really like RnB though

I coulndt get over it " what the hell did you want to come here for then ?

anyways by this point i was fuming with anger and didint want to talk with her.

right so when we get in coat check is full so i have to go to the kool house to get my coat checked.

So i was like " ok i am going to run over to kool house get rid of this i still have 50 minutes left of hard house"
I told this girl " ok i am leaving wait round here and i will send you a text"

she was like " william quit being so stupid here give me your jacket and we can get one of the bartenders to look after it for a 5er"

I was like no way i dont want to risk it see you in a minute.

so i ran across the place.

When i get back i was like ok where are you

i get this text , "I am leaving dont ever call me again"

not knowing what i had done or anything i was rightly confused.

anyways by this point i was like i dont care leave!!! as i had met up with jebec anyways.

Later on i got this text of her being like where are you.

So i gave her directions to where i was and carried on.

10 mins later i thought i saw this girl from my highschool and was staring at her.

What i didint realize was that this crazy nutter girl i had came with was standing right behind her and i didint notice.

Sure enough she comes up and was like " what the hell you were looking right at me and then you looked away! you are evil!!"

Not having even a slight sense of what she might be talking about i was like what???????

anyways she flipped out and was like " thats it i am going home dont ever call me again actuall you are drivin me home i hate you william but i am not paying for a cab you are driving me home"

to which i was like right well i am not leaving for awhile.

at which point she told me she was feelling kinda nuts and didint know what she might do. At this point i had visions of this girl slashing my tires or doing who knows what to my car.

so i tried to make amends

her response" i dont understand you like why are you acting like this. Here i am trying to be nice and you are so non chalent about everything it makes me feel sad"

by this point i realized i had wasted some 2 hours cause of this girl and was like ok whatever just get out of here.

long story short.

She ended up kinda hanging round me and jebec.
I ended up seeing other people from trance addict and saw q-tip and space babe. But by this point i was kinda in a wierd mood from having to deal with this nutter.

All in all i would say rank 1 was amazing anne savage i wouldnt know as i missed almost all of it.

good atmosphere and tunes but i seriosly regret ever having met this girl.

having her loaf about all evening with us in a pissy mood did not help. I didint understand why she even came or didint leave or whatever.

i ended up the driving the twit home and on the way down spadina i hit this massive pot hole and fucked up my tire.

oh well i guess it was a night that just not suposed to happen and i should of left it at that.

lesson learned dont ever meet up with someone you met at the zone.
chances are your memories are very differnt from the reality.

I dont know what that girls deal was but when i found out she worked in a strip club and then even lived there i should of been like ya see you later.

Sometimes openmindedness does not pay off.

oh well


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Well I haven't been out in ages, but this was one party I am glad to have made it out for.

I hooked up with Adrian and friends earlier and we headed down to the club for midnight. The place was loaded, not too many people but enough that the crowd was really jumping. Caught about an hour of Ann Savage, really good, she was rocking out.

Infected Mushroom were amazing. That's twice I've seen them in Toronto and I won't be missing any of their shows again. I may even do it up Adrian style next time and do the double header.

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gabriel and dresden, courtesy of karim



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Originally posted by mr tall
I think she likes you. GO FOR IT !
hahahah that is actually kinda funny

fuck me never never never never never accepting a number from a girl at zone.

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Originally posted by swilly
She ended up kinda hanging round me and jebec.
I ended up seeing other people from trance addict and saw q-tip and space babe. But by this point i was kinda in a wierd mood from having to deal with this nutter.

oh well

Was nice meeting you.

Sorry you had to deal with that shit. I had no idea.

Was the nutter the girl with glasses sitting on the podium thingy where Jake and I met up with you?

Anyhoo.. my report.

I had an amazing time.

Kudos to Malglo for his natural high energy. He was having an amazing time.

Qtip and gang.. as always.. an amazing FUCKING time.

Infected Mushroom and Rank1 was awesome. Kept me going all the way!

Sunshine ;)

Angus Robinson

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3PO's set was killer. It doesn't get much more old school than the beats he was droppin. Full of tons of crazy shit I've never heard before! I hear it got recorded. ;)

Originally posted by MalGlo
D-monic spun some wikkid tracks in charlies from what i heard and whoever was on before him.... was lovin what you were droppin

That was me spinning before D-Monic, from 1:30 - 3:00.



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Originally posted by SpaceBabe
Was nice meeting you.

Sorry you had to deal with that shit. I had no idea.

Was the nutter the girl with glasses sitting on the podium thingy where Jake and I met up with you?

yup that was her. kinda sucks because she was really nice the first time i met her and she was from my reservation and went to school with my cousins and older brother. So i didint feel that wierd about meeting up with her even though i had really not chatted with her much as i thought well she is from the came community and we have common relatives. that and i kinda felt like a responsiblity or ethinc comradery to look past certain obvious oddities in her behavior in the first hour or so when i met her last night. I Chatted with my cousin though today and he said she is a proper nutter he could of told me that and saved me the hassle.
oh well you live and learn and then you learn some more
Lesson learned if something feels wierd in a situation leave it might go good it might go bad but why risk it at all. I should of left her there the first time when she was changing her mind about not coming


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well it was an interesting night to say the least. i also had a few run ins with the security at guvernment wanting to search my crotch but i refused and was booted out. lucky, for $10 you can bypass the line and get in even if you were kicked out, so i got there just in time for G&D. at this point and time i would like to say that the guvernment has an AMAZING sound system. every track these guys layed down just kept kicking my ass.

i was a little anxious for infected mushroom to come on and was giddy as a school girl when i saw them setting up. all in all, infected mushroom was the best part of the night. these guys make KICK , ASS , MUSIC . i almost went apeshit when i heard deeply disturbed live and on that sound system, and i deff wouldve gone crazy if they played dracul (cant win'em all i guess). by the end of the night i was so exhausted from the non-stop assult on my senses that i just chilled out. ran into a few people i havent seen in ages (gollum!) and met a few tribers who seemed like very cool people. all in all, despite all the shit that ended up happening that night. im very glad i went and i feel like i got my moneys worth...

now all i have to do is see astral projection :D


ps: the girl swilly wrote about is crazy, jacko style


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I had an excellent time. Its not often one will find me at a trance party, but lo and behold there I was, enjoying the music. Some parts were a little too epicy for my liking, but all in all it was amazing. Go figure there was another fight at the hiphop room. The place was RAMMED when we got in, I mean, rammed to the tits. I didnt realize anne savage would draw such a big crowd. Luckily we ran through the guv to go to koolhaus, found our crew, and started the night just right.

The lighting was very impressive also.

ugh. my brain is on dead, so my review ends.
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Originally posted by SpaceBabe

Sunshine ;)

lollipops, rainbows and candy-drops.

Infected Mushroom rule! A tight mix of hardtrance synths, techno and psychedillia. Its like the beat has a pulse.

Of course, then I wanted to dance so I went to Charlie's; where much dancing was had for all.



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Wooo, that was some good old fashion trance in your pants!

I got into the club when Gabriel and Dresden were on the decks, and they delivered the set of the night IMHO! Going into the night I did not really know much about them, was expecting more of a proggy sound, but their set last night was predominately trance(though there were elements of prog laced throughout the set).

Next up was Infected Mushroom. Wasn't really expecting much from them going in as they didn't really interest me the previous times that I've seen them. However, I thought their set last night was excellent. Just some hard hard psy trance, which everybody there was eating up. It was quite obvious a lot of people came just to see them.

Rank 1 closed out the night. They were the ones that I went to see, though their set was good it did get quite repetitive at times. They did open their set with Airwave, which was great.

One thing I noticed about last night was that all three acts had great crowd interaction. Always acknowledging the crowd and playing to the crowd.

I didn't leave Kool Haus until very late into the night so I can't really comment on the acts in the other rooms.

Overall, the crowd was very nice. Everyone I talked to was very friendly, and just there to party. The lighting was quite dark in the Kool Haus last night, which I liked; maybe they learned something from the Industry reunion party.


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I hadn't been to a trance party in ages but I'm definitely glad I didn't miss last night, Infected Mushroom had me dancing for the whole set non-stop, they were pounding it out! Rank 1 played Airwave as their first track and caught me by suprise.

Good crowd overall. lots of fun.

I know tons of pictures were taken.. somebody should post some.


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Originally posted by MalGlo
WOW!!! WHAT A NIGHT.... 2 weekends in a row i've been blessed with good company and goodtunes....

i'll give a more detailed review later but this being my first time catching infected mushroom i had to say.. those guys slam out the ENERGY..

D-monic spun some wikkid tracks in charlies from what i heard and whoever was on before him.... was lovin what you were droppin

oh and..... RANK1's first track was airwave... woah! -- unexpected!

need to crash.. still recovering from this flu..

<--- got his dance on.


Hey Man I didn't see you there. We say Derrick and Jay... Glad you had a wicked time. We did for sure.

RANK 1 Kicked MAJOR ASS!!! - Lights were AMAZING!
great vibes and everything...


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It was nice to see a good turnout for the 4th installment of Ultra Spin after the last event in December seemed pretty sparse. Fortunately, I found the lineup outside moved quickly despite its size, and making the trip between Guv and Kool Haus was also relatively easy. The security did a good job of making sure to prevent any major bottlenecks even though it meant a few minutes of standing still.

Gabriel & Dresden weren't doing it for me. I found their set to be on the mellow side and I really wish people would stop playing Motorcycle (even -if- they produced it!). Maybe I just needed something harder to keep me awake after coming back from Montreal the night before. So, it was off to Guv.

Anne Savage did a great job of rocking the main room. Nice and hard without getting too cheesy. She seemed to be having a lot of fun throughout the night as well. I would have loved to stay longer, but the beckon call of Infected Mushroom carried me into Kool Haus at 2am.

The schedule said Infected Mushroom would be playing until 3am, but then Rank 1 came on at 3:30am?? Thankfully, the error was in favour of Infected Mushroom and we were treated to an amazing 1.5 hours of full-on psytrance. I would have killed for a DJ set afterwards but I suppose beggars can't be choosers. I still can't get over how well the crowd in Toronto has responded to these guys in the past and last weekend was no exception. I talked to a lot of people who had never heard of Infected Mushroom, or even psy-trance in general, but said they really enjoyed it.

Rank 1 lost me at the first track. As I mentioned above, I had no patience for trance anthems and went back to Guvernment after about 15 minutes. Mark Oliver played hard right up until we dragged ourselves home around 6am, so I left feeling satisfied.
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