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Infected Mushroom @ Aria - Fuck yeah!

Subsonic Chronic

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Awesome, awesome, awesome set. (awesome!)

The crowd there ate up everything that was thrown at them, including sweet live mixes of all their big tunes. Holy hell did the roof blow off the place when they dropped Bust a Move! And I only wish that I could have had a shot of 1000+ people all pointing at the stage yelling 'PSYCHO' when the buildup on that track peaked!

Somehow, I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing those tunes. *sigh*

They also threw down a fantastic DJ set, finally ending their show close to 8am.

I only wish that I didn't have commitments tonight keeping me from seeing them again at the Guv, because I would definitely be there otherwise.

And I don't know what it is about the Montreal scene, but it attracts some of the most beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure of seeing on the dance floor. Especially the hippy psy-trance girls with dreads. mmm... everyone was just so stylin'.

Naturally, I'll be all over any Infected Mushroom shows coming to Montreal or Toronto in the future. 4 times I've seen them now and never have I been dissapointed.

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To repeat what Pete said ... I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing those tunes! Infected Mushroom played a very similar set to their previous visit back in August with about 1.5 hours of live PA followed by 1.5 hours of DJing (not like I was paying any attention to the time!).

One thing I enjoyed about the live PA was the fact that IM were actually doing more than cueing tracks and adding a few tweaky noises here and there. A lot of mixing, switching and sampling was done, not to mention that one of the guys was actually playing synth lines on the keyboard. You don't see that too often.

Of course, the main reason I drove a total of 11 hours round-trip to Montreal was for the DJ set. Absolutely amazing! They played some really hard tech-trance and industrial influenced stuff that gave me a sore elbow from pumping my fist in the air for so long. :)


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That was friggin amazing. Great crowd, great music, great company. I really really enjoyed myself in montreal, what a great city. Man do they ever know how to party.


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I haven't danced that hard in AGES. I know it sounds like I say this a lot, but it takes a lot to get me dancing. I was pumping my fist so much I thought my hand would fly off my arm. WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!

When Infected Mushroom first began to play I was a wee bit concerned as they didn't start in on the hard stuff right away. But as they kept on playing HOLY HELL did it ever get hard! These guys know exactly how to play a crowd. They played a set that was not just one track after the other, it actually felt like they were taking us for a ride. The programming was stellar.

It also helped that the crowd was absolutely beautiful. Montréal is deffinitely not lacking in the sexy girl department. YOWZA.

Infected Mushroom kicked my ass... and dear god did I ever love it :)
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mmmmm.....infected mushroom :) :D To *third* what pete and adrian said i will never get tired of hearing their classic tracks like Bust a Move (amazing live!) They also played lots of absolutely kickass stuff that i hadn't heard. It was awe-inspiring musical bliss :) and yes the company was splendid :) Awesome weekend, definitely worth the drive (which was quite fun in itself)