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for me, last night was all about one man: John Motherfucking Aquaviva!!! Haven't been owned by a DJ like that in a LONG WHILE. I checked the other rooms while he was playing and after about 30 seconds turned around and went right back. Dude fucking killed it! My legs had nothing left to give after his set, so I headed home shortly thereafter, and I have no regrets about going. The 2 hours he was on was more than worth the price of admission IMO. All in all the most fun I've had at an Industry Reunion since the very first one...even with the astro-turf standing in for the original live-grass decorated DJ booth. Seems like EVERYONE was there, and all were having a blast!



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I'm torn. On one hand, I had an amazing time: peeps everywhere, some great tunes in every room.

Ian Guthrie, Kenny Glasgow and Mario J served up some techno goodness and were totally a welcome respite. The sound in that small room was loud and crisp.

Cevin Fisher was totally into it, showing us some love. Had my hands in the air!! Frankie Felliciano was funkin and soulful - my second favourite set of the night!! Danced my ass off up there. Took me forever to figure out how to get upstairs! Some people had complaints about the sound upstairs, but I thought it was good!

John Aquaviva was a delightful surprise and although I didn't adore his set from start to finish, it was a very solid set. Great to see that Mr. Aquaviva was able to rock it out! I had a great time dancing with JAR!

Heather is my queen! Despite my sobriety I couldn't stop dancing. My back and legs stopped working, I was getting soooo hungry and tired that at 6am I called it quits.

On the other hand: Doc Martin, what the eff? A big meh for me, probably in part because in the "funky" room (which was only really funky when Heather was on, otherwise, I have no idea why it was called the funky room) the soundsystem totally sucked. There were no speakers in the front!!!! I repeat - THERE WERE NO SPEAKERS IN THE FRONT! so the sound up front was completely dead and quiet! To compensate, the speakers at the back were really loud, so you kinda had to find the sweet spot in the middle... it was really frustrating for me. I was really disappointed with the sound in that room. I mean, come on. I realize there were probably some sound issues with that room being so close to the "water", but even one quiet front stack would've made all the difference. I tried to overcome my frustration by enjoying the tracks and the company, but what's the point if you can't feel the bass and get down to the Chicago craziness while watching Heather bounce?!

So nice to dance with all my crazy dancefloor friends!! Hot ladies, cool dudes, crazy beats - yay Industry! Now to dust myself off and see if I can manage some LazyDays action.



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Yeah, Doc should have closed down the place. I thought he was great, but he should not have spun so early in the night.
I though Heather was meh, but just like JAR - I was OWNED by Aquaviva... like OWNED. The guy dropped some unbelievable tracks and just like my fiancee said to me during his set: this guy is TOTALLY going with our trip. He was right, talk about an awesome journey, from beginning to end.

I got some nice surprises from some lovely "promoters", thanks for the anniversary gift, you made our night! :)
I have no clue how the main room was, too overwhelming for me at that point in time, upstairs was happening too, but didn't make it there too often, I really liked those couches by the fire place.

I would have loved to hear Mario J, but by 6, I was done.
We don't regret coming out, but the coat check-in almost ruined our night - we waited at least 45 mins to give our coats, they had absolutely no clue what the fuck they were doing. I asked them as to why they are moving so bloody slow, his response was: "we didn't expect that many people". Are you kidding me? It's fucking Industry Reunion, you have old partiers and new partiers coming out tonight, what the fuck?
Whatever, it was 1:40a by the time we finally started to dance, I was so frustrated, I almost left. I can only imagine what was going through those people's minds that were rushing in the line-up, what a bad trip!
Eventually, I got going and partied it up proper.

Nice to see everyone I saw, danced and partied with. I can't believe I am STILL awake! LOL


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I had been looking forward to this night for a few weeks and was definitely not disappointed.

Spent the first hour or so listening to Doc Martin’s set. Liked what he was playing but I completely agree with Maria that there should have been speakers at the front. A lot of people turned around to face the speakers which meant Doc was staring at a whole lot of backs. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to try to read a crowd that’s not even facing you.

After that spent about 15 minutes trying to get into the Tech Lounge (the red room near the front entrance). That main room was PACKED and hard to negotiate. Must say however that I was pleasantly surprised by how polite and friendly the crowd was. Very little pushing/shoving, lots of “excuse me” and I did not get groped once the entire night. Great vibes from everyone.

Caught the end of Teeloo’s (sp?) set which sounded great. I spent the rest of the night in the Lounge shaking my butt to Ian who was definitely playing tracks designed to make girls dance. Loved that the room was crowded but there was still plenty of room to dance.

My one complaint on the night is that people were smoking constantly in the Lounge and security was ignoring it. The room was small enough that a few people smoking made it pretty bad. As someone who has asthma, it was intolerable and meant that I had to cut my night short due to the onset of an attack.

Overall a great night – good vibes and music. I just wish that the smokers had taken their cigarettes outside so I didn’t have to take off so early.
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Very solid night, was a little underwhelmed by Calderone, found him to be little boring and un-energetic. Heather, Guthrie, Cevin and Aquaviva were spot on though!

Bernnie Federko

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he reprised his performance from the first reunion with Music Is the Answer, which is always nice to hear. We also got the dub version of Be Yourself, complete with the signature twisted organ intro. Highlight of the evening for this kid right here.

Rest of the music got a big "meh" from me. Everyone's sets that I caught were balls accross the board in both of the big rooms. I wish I'd heard Luc Raymond, but c'est la vie. This party was more about seeing the crew and hanging out talking smack.
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billy said:
gotta ask - what changed your mind?
A lot of things made this happened, and after all, it was our (my fiancée and I) special night, plus my friends made it really special to us. :)

Bernnie Federko

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deevah said:
i thought u were going to mtl for dt?

Circumstances changed (I had to do the drive back). We elected to stay at the Ritz and come home sunday instead. Spur of the moment stuff. No complaints.


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Over all ok night. I was i the main room. I thought Cevins set was ok at best. And Calderones set was meh. It was just the same old beat over and over. Yet the vibe in the place was rockin I just wasent feelin the sound. Thought all these djs in the main could of taken it up a few notches and played a bit tougher. thats just my opinion. Yet first time seeing Heather play. man you can tell she is so into the music. Now if the main room had her energy could of made one explosive night.
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Got there at 11:30pm, place wasn't too packed, so me and the two lovely ladies I was with walked around and check out each of the rooms. The music in the main and funky room downstairs was definitely where the best music was, so we settled down in the main room to see Cevin fisher, who officially got our night started... he played a pretty good set, and warmed thing up nicely for what was to come... then we moved into the funky room, where I have to agree with JAR... John Aquaviva's set was the set of the night!!! I hadn't seen Aquaviva in a long time and totally wasn't expecting him to throw down such a killer set! It actually capped my evening off perfectly.

Overall this was a great party and now I'm looking forward to next year... where i'm hoping CARL COX will be in the line up with SVEN VATH, maybe? Yes! Gavin or Mario I hope your reading this!



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A fantastic night for dancing.

Most of the music was of the old school variety......which was to be expected. Was in the red room to hear Kenny Glasgow play....and it sounded horrible. Some technical trouble or dirty CDs.....I dunno. Aquaviva and DJ Heather had it bumpin'. Lots of people were hyped to hear them and they sounded quite good.

I could have sworn at the beginning of the night prior to entering the club, I saw Aquaviva LOOSE it on one of the doorman regarding his guestlist. He was swearing and yelling.

More than ever....the vibe was the coolest. People were shaking hands....smiling.......hugging.

My major complaint is WTG OMG is up with the washrooms. Flooding everywhere.....sooo gross......water from who knows where just pouring out of the bathroom onto the floor. Look folks...take a shit at home before you go out.

Tooo many old faces and friends made it a nite to remember.

I was pleasantly surprised by Victor Calderone......shit...I think it was almost 8am when I left and it was busy as fuck.


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I was hanging in the funky house room all night long... DJ Heather was by far the set if the night for me... she played all my favourite chicago tunes and she was totally into it.. i agree the sound in the room was shit however

I felt bad for Doc Martin... he needed a better setup for the live vocals and a later set time.. he did play a couple of hype deep tracks... hearing that LA Transit was awesome

I had a fun time at IR... couldn't get into the main room sounds, but the Funky ROom was fun and Industry bring a lot of people out... the washroom where really gross though...

Till Next Year :)


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Danced for 6hrz Straight - My Whole Body Hurts !!
I havnt done that for years !! Do I ever feel satasified thou -

Great Party !

Except the *pukes a bit* Bathrooms, not only were thay filthy nasty,
But the asians having a circle jerk at the urinals made me use the womans.
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solacevip said:
My major complaint is WTG OMG is up with the washrooms. Flooding everywhere.....sooo gross......water from who knows where just pouring out of the bathroom onto the floor. Look folks...take a shit at home before you go out.

I wasn't there for this event, but every single time I have been to The Docks (since before it was even The Docks), the washrooms have flooded. Don't know what the problem is, but I now expect it every time, and it doesn't bother me!

Glad to see everyone had a good time :)


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eddie said:
Over all ok night. I was i the main room. I thought Cevins set was ok at best. And Calderones set was meh. It was just the same old beat over and over.

Totally agree, felt like he just played each and every track to death without changing anything, really boring and not very energetic at all, felt like going to sleep, lol.


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The event was pretty meh for me. Got to see and hang out with some cool peeps but for the most part I wasn't feelin the music.

doc martin whould have been closing. He's one of the best closing djs and his brand of deep. druggy twisted house doesn't relly work that early in the evening. Then to have Aquiviva start bangin the tech in the "funky house" room I didn't really think it worked at all.

Loved what I heard in the tech room from Ian and Franky Feliciano was the highlight of the night for me.

WTF was with the entrance to upstairs? We had to ask three bouncers where it was. Why did they not use the stairs from the patio?

Oh and everytime I had to walk through the main room to get somewhere my heart hurt the music was so bad.

Anyways a good time was had and it was good to be back at the docks.
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