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Industry Reunion in Eye Magazine


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I really love the Shoppers Drug Mart pictures... We really should take over that place as an after party on Sunday.

Anyhow, link here:

Vote Quimby

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I wonder if there is an over/ under on the number of people who get their drugs confiscated and turned over to the police?
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Originally posted by Nesta
matt c is always stylin'. super duper nice guy as well.
Matty is awesome... haven't seen him in ages. I lost his contact information, so I can't even get in touch with him. I will chat with him on Saturday if I don't get it until then.
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Klubmasta Will

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good article. i wish i had known the reason for the club's troubles at the time. beating up the city/landlords/other tenants is a large part of what i do for fun when i'm not doing other evil lawyer stuff.