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Industry Reunion at SONIC


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ok..so Justin is not answering the phone..so no ticket still for me..fack..now I have do drive back to newmarket ticketless.


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i suddenly find myself with an extra ticket(print out)

willing to eat the service charges


must be able to meet me a.s.a.p. at or near my place(one street east of eaton center) as i don't know what time i'm arriving at the party

pm me if interested

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got home, headin for the shower (buses make me stinky).
my brother got my some vinyl for my birthday and he knows NOTHING about this shit and the first record i put on just put the HUGEST smile on my face...

"I'll be loving you forever and ever... I'll be part of you in the way I do... Come into my life so I can see..."

this is going to be a fuckin WICKED night.


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Papillon said:
I'll def be pre-drinking in the comfort of my apartment with friends...and then have a few inside the club...methinks vodka and red bull....S'funny, the only thing I plan to do tonight is drink and I am looking forward to it!

in the past that would have been unheard of :p

predrinking right now, except i've got something else planned baconpan
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