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Industry Reunion at SONIC

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Tony Bandana

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shit goood Question

lets hope so ...had a blast last year, but then again I've had good times in a fruitcellar with no light??



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The past two Industry Summer Magic parties have easily been in my top three for both 2004 and 2005...and imo, it just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't @ The Docks, such a perfect venue for that style of party.


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This is going to be my one "big" party of the summer...and I think the last 2 ones were Canada Day weekend...???....We shoudl hear something soon methinks.......I am SO looking forward to it...*sigh* the Industry Days were the best....
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Yeah some friends and I up here in mtl are anxiously awaiting news on this party. The last 2 were some of my best summer parties of the year....

I've been hearing the sound issues talked about for at least a year now..i really hoped that would be settled by now as i agree with someones previous statement that this part really belongs at the Docks...the easy access patio, the waterfront...i love it. From the sound of things though that issue will never be resolved..

I'd love to at least get a date on it? Venue/lineup aside...i seem to recall it happens last weekend of July or first weekend of August??

My fingers are crossed..already looking forward to my summertime T.O. roadtrip!


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It usually happens on the Sunday nite of the Civic Day long weekend. I hope it'll happen again this year. I loved the previous parties also! My favs of the summer. I'm sure we should be hearing something soon..... if it's happening.


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I was at the last 2 and had a blast. I could see myself spending a weekend in TO for this party.
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I went the last two years and regardless of the fact that Joshb was there they were still the parties of the year!!!!!

They were having the same island issues before last years party and the sound (in the tides at least) was great.

I probably won't go unless it's at the docks.

PS Heather again please!

Sylent Syd

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I already had the Civic holiday weekend booked off in hopeful anticipation of ISM III: The previous installments were legendary.

BRING IT ON!!! :cool:
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kilT1 said:
Try Sonic...

Considering Industry parties of the past have attracted several thousand and Sonic's capacity is only in the 1000+ range I don't see this happening. As well, Sonic only has one room.
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Nesta knows, Heather rocked it proper last year but Doc's sunrise set 2004 was even better i think...

plus it'd be nice to see him somewhere other than a sideroom at Guv


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This website should have been updated if it was going on I would think...


What a lineup last year was!!


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they should let the industry name die.

that was a place and time that no club can touch these days.

a vibe like that will never come back to toronto.
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