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Indoor spots for wedding photography

Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
So, my sister in-law is getting married this weekend, and there's a high chance for rain. Does anyone know of anywhere in the city, or north or west in the GTA that is indoors for wedding photography, and for free?

Their photographer doesn't have any ideas. In fact, he didn't have an outdoor location either, which I think is entirely unprofessional, but that's a whole other beef I have with him.

I doubt we'll be able to find somewhere indoors that requires a permit on such short notice, but you never know. If you know anywhere indoors, free or not, please let me know. In the event it doesn't rain and you know of a free outdoor location, let me know as well.

If you photographers do know somewhere and don't want to give up your spot publicly online, feel free to PM me.
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as far as outdoors i suggest the old mill inn. it has everything - gardens, trees, stone walkways, babbling brooks.

edit: not sure on the free thing though.


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It's $72 bux for a permit, but the Tannery Mall in Newmarket is a pretty popular spot for weddings..

465 Davis Drive, Suite 119
Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 2P1
Tel: 905.895.6833
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