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In the spirit of nothing else to do


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A new mix, I've been unable to do any tech-house/minimalish mixes lately because of the influx of harder stuff I've gotten and had to wade through. I've finally made it to the less bang bang stuff though and aligned a few of them into a row to make something someone could call a mix.


[ 00:00 ] David Duriez "Jenga" Unknown
[ 04:32 ] Unknown "Untitled" Primtive
[ 08:05 ] False "Flack" Plus 8
[ 12:13 ] Black Light "Spending Time" Intrinsic Design
[ 15:38 ] Todd Sines "Eda" Background
[ 18:21 ] Steve Bug "Night Train" Raw Elements
[ 20:26 ] Julia Decay "Untoward" Scandinavia
[ 23:46 ] Patrick Pulsinger & Louis Austen "As Long As I Have A Remix" Cheap
[ 28:00 ] Der Zyklus "Mxyzptlk" Gigolo
[ 30:33 ] Gez Varley "The World Is Yours" !K7
[ 32:18 ] Mike Ink "Silver" Studio 1
[ 33:10 ] Gez Varley "The World Is Yours" !K7
[ 37:56 ] Mike Ink "Purple" Studio 1
[ 41:07 ] Markus Nikolai "Rood" Perlon
[ 44:51 ] Rework"Anyway I Know You" Playhouse
[ 47:00 ] Monne Automne "El Salvador (Star Dub Mix)" Lofi Stereo
[ 50:09 ] Daniel Bell "Work That S**t" Klang
[ 53:48 ] Hakan Libdo "The Kinsey Report" Poker Flat
[ 55:47 ] Jeremy P. Caulfield "Ripped Backwards" Trapez
[ 59:42 ] S-max & Fym "2000: A Sikkim Odyssey" 7th City
[ 61:45 ] Cristian Vogel "Wider Cracks" Tresor

Running Time is about 65 minutes with a 60 meg download ahead of you


enjoy once again.
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Destro Sanchez

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sounds delicious.


you had a destro mix in the beginnin' - rough and tumble! ;)

but to your credit the tracks were kinda freaky deaky

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the mix was "on" but the two tracks themselves were at odds...it was the first time I played that first record (i bought it yesterday at metropolis) so I didn't know if it was coming or going...but like the name of the mix says...it sucks to start over ;)


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This mix kills. Like, KILLS!!!

This is the first time I've heard it, and it's giving me chills. Another keeper from TW. Thanks again.

BTW I totally appreciate the time markers in the tracklist. :D


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Originally posted by isoprax
[ 59:42 ] S-max & Fym "2000: A Sikkim Odyssey" 7th City

Nice track!


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word..aside from the odd fluffernutter here and there in it I kinda dig this one too. It may even get itself burnt.

BBB, as far as S-max & Fym go it ALL good. check out their page www.boogizm.net
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