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In the quest for gender equality, shouldn't men get engagement rings?


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I figure we should get big fat diamonds in a nice heavy platinum or 18K gold men's settings.

It is the 2000s after all! Why is it only the women who get engagement rings? Shouldn't a woman take the initiative and in the spirit of gender equality, propose, and whip out 3 months plus worth of bling to seal the deal?

Why not?

glych t.anomaly

TRIBE Member
i got an engagement ring when i gave my wife hers.

white gold, 3 pieces of recatngular onyx and two small diamonds.

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my buddy is trying to convince his gf that if he has to buy her a wedding ring, she should get him something of equal value. he's angling for a 60's Datsun Roadster or some other vintage car.
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