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in stores now!

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by dj velocity, Dec 14, 2001.

  1. dj velocity

    dj velocity TRIBE Member

    Velocity vol 2 is now availible on cd at Numb, Cloud 9 or thru mail order for only 10 bucks! 27 up front dn'b tunes that are sure to get your head nod'n. All copies come with a proper cover and etched clear cds.
    anyone interested contact velocity_dj@hotmail.com


  2. dj velocity

    dj velocity TRIBE Member

    forgot to post the tracklisting:
    recorded 11.24.01
    Dillinja - My Love is True (V Recordings)
    Ant Miles & Red One - Bring It On (RAM)
    4 Hero - 9by9 (Intalex rmx) (Talk'n Loud)
    Klute - Curly Whirly (Metalheadz)
    J Majik - Tell Me (Total Science rmx) (Infrared)
    Shy Fx - Shake It (Ebony)
    Hype feat Fats - True Playaz Style (True Playaz)
    Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Better Place (Reinforced)
    Uncut - Midnight (Intalex & ST Files rmx) (Wired)
    Makis G - Rising from the Ashes (Ant Miles rmx) (Liftin Spirit)
    Total Science - ??? (CIA)
    Beta 2 - ??? (function)
    Total Science & Digital - the Original (CIA)
    Invaderz - Controls Your Mind (Metalheadz)
    Sonic - Deep End (Timeless)
    Tech Itch - ??? (Tech Itch)
    Motion - Suspense (Infrared)
    Dillinja - Picture On My Wall (V Recordings)
    Total Science - ??? (CIA)
    Ant Miles & Red One - Musica (RAM)
    Loxy - Illusions (Archetecture)
    Moving Fusion - We Analyze rmx (Infrared)
    Dylan - Somebody (Biotic)
    Breakage - Here Come the Drums rmx (Reinforced)
    Breakage - Back Off (Reinforced)
    Total Science - Hardcore Junglism rmx (Reinforced)
    Catchin Wreck - Bonanza (Hustlin Beats)
  3. suburban sound system

    suburban sound system TRIBE Member

    what about us west coasters?

    hook it up!

  4. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    I'll buy one!!!

    check yo mail
  5. dj velocity

    dj velocity TRIBE Member

  6. blueker

    blueker TRIBE Member

    $10? For sure! Just let me get thru my exams first.

  7. dj velocity

    dj velocity TRIBE Member

    thanks for the interest everyone!
    Heres the cover one more time. I finally have a server that won't shut me down!
  8. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    got this in the mail yesterday.

    sweet mix once again [​IMG]


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