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In Di Streets (aka My Best Tune EVAR) is finally OUT!!!!

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by DaPhatConductor, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. DaPhatConductor

    DaPhatConductor TRIBE Promoter



    Artist: Masia One
    Title: In Di Streets
    Cat # Muti057
    UPC # 705105137605

    File under:
    Hip Hop / Dubstep / Glitch Hop / Grime / Crunk / Electronica

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    1. In Di Streets - Masia One (Featuring Vybz Machine, Sabotawj, Adonis & DJ Sarasa)
    2. In Di Streets (ill.Gates+Meesha Remix)
    3. In Di Streets (Mochipet Remix)
    4. In Di Streets (An-ten-nae Remix)
    5. In Di Streets (An-ten-nae Instrumental)
    6. In Di Streets (Mochipet Instrumental)
    7. In Di Streets (ill.gates + Meesha Instrumental)

    We were first blown away by Masia One through her work with ill.gates & Meesha on the track ‘Irma Vep’ released on ill.gates album Autopirate (MutiCD006) and henceforth discovered her album PULAU .
    Hearing the similarities of her Hip Hop with contemporary Electronica, Grime and Dubstep, our electronic producers were eager to work with her, we approached Masia One about remixing some of her lyrics, this package includes remixes by An-ten-nae, ill.gates & Meesha and Mochipet.

    MASIA ONE is true to her name sake - the first female to be nominated for a Much Music Video Award (Rap), winner of the CCNC PIONEER accolade and constantly redefining the sound and cultural boundaries of Hip hop music. Her most recent album PULAU has reached no. 2 on CBC Radio 3’s Top 30, no. 1 on CJAM (Windsor) radio and remains in the top 10 on SE Asian Radio charts.
    Masia One is currently taking on Hollywood, completing her latest album with Los Angeles based record label Kops & Robbers. Grammy award winning producer Che Vicious has crafted an album that features Masia’s remarkable flow over highly infectious dancehall, electro and dance rhythms. This much anticipated release will catapult Masia One into the mainstream as this Singapore- Canadian girl becomes a household name for urban music internationally.
  2. dj.nick.c

    dj.nick.c TRIBE Member

    this tune is HOT HOT HOT!!!! way to go D and meesha!
  3. ImperialThrilla

    ImperialThrilla TRIBE Member

    Well done man!


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