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*in a horror movie voice:* Dark RAVE


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Well, I'll have to admit that I had fun. Go figure. THe music was pretty "cheesy;" our word for the night. The dancing was horrific. And the mixing was okay.

So imagine if Darkrave actually improved all these things! It would a spectacular party instead of a wicked party. But wicked is pretty good too.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take off my blacklight glowstick thing and scrub the black lipstick and dark techno vibes off my skin.

"Mmm hmmm" says Sasha. <--- Airbag.


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Evil night!
Fearsome outfits, atroceous dancing, nightmarish track selection and particularly terrifying mixes on behalf of a particularly hairless dj.

It was fun, nevertheless, watching goths dance to cheesy techno music and shove glowsticks into each other's faces! I reached a conclusion that it's all just a big masquerade and all of them are simply disguised raver kids.. just like us

On a more serious note, i kind of enjoyed the night overall. This was my first darkrave experience and hopefully will not be the last. Watching goths and ravers back to back with zero attitude in the air is definitely a spectacular experience.

Oh, and one more thing.. GOTH CHICKS ARE HOT!!!
<-- * drool * lix lips * more drool *


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by air-bag:

Oh, and one more thing.. GOTH CHICKS ARE HOT!!!
&lt;-- * drool * lix lips * more drool *

SO are Goth boys.

- Sunny


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so that's what it was. i was waiting for the bus early this morning and heard this bass, then all these sweaty kids in black stumbling out of the reverb.

funny how they actually use the word 'rave' in their event name.
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