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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the last minute notice everyone but we need you help and support
at Pride this weekend!!! In order to show your support of our scene with
it's diversity and acceptance of sexual choices, we need people to help
make signs, decorate our float and party your asses off in the streets of
Toronto . You don't have to be gay or even bi, you just need to support
and be proud of the fact that you call the Toronto scene yours; and part
of what makes it so good is that everyone feels welcome.

So for those that can, we are going to meet at Church and Bloor at 1 - 2,
they line up the floats from there so just walk the line and look for us.
Anyone wanting to make signs or banners or anything else, feel free and we
can even have a sign making party this weekend.

Please send this information to everyone who you think might help or just
want to have fun with us at Pride. This is our first real public appreance
to the general public as an active political social group in Toronto. The
more support we have for this, the stronger we look on the whole. (Plus
it's going to be so much fun !!!!)

Anyone who wants info or to meet up before can post ideas here or call me @ 277-8682



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There was a Pride Float Party last night at the Queen West CHC; I am not sure how much they got done as I had to finish up some work at the office and was not able to attend. Have you since talked to the float people - Kim and CD's, I believe - ? Do they still need more shyte made? I'll try to find out s'more. - E :)


Thanks for the info- you said: So for those that can, we are going to meet at Church and Bloor at 1 - 2,

BUT- I think that the P3 people already have a different meeting time- 3:45 at church and bloor- because the actual parade starts at 4pm! So... it would be better if every1 met at the same time/place right?

I got the e-mail from the announcements@solar.exenet.com list as a general p3 announcement.

If you didn't recieve it, here's what it said:

June 22, 2000
To P3 General Announcement List

The Party People Project has registered a float in the Toronto Pride Parade happening this Sunday, June 25th. We would like you to march with us. We will be meeting at 3:45pm at the corner of Church and Bloor. Look for a pick-up truck with a DJ booth in the back and a banner indicating that it belongs to the Party People Project.

Music will be provided by:
Lex of Legion of Green Men

The Parade will last about an hour. Given that the parade starts at Church and Bloor, goes west to Yonge and Bloor then follows Yonge south to Dundas and then Dundas east to Church, it makes sense to approach the meeting point from the south or the east. (e.g. get off at Wellesley Station and walk to Church and then north on Church to Bloor). If you are thinking about driving, remember that many roads will be blocked off and that there will be thousands of people in attendance so navigation and parking will be extreme hassles (i.e. take TTC). Please lan some extra travel time to compensate for the masses of people that will be milling about.

Info on the Toronto Pride Parade can be obtained from: http://www.pridetoronto.com/

A temporary Party People Project web site is up at: http://www.partypeopleproject.com/

Wondering where the intersection of Church and Bloor is? Go to: http://www.mapquest.com/cgi-bin/share?sdyb0bpeh9iearai


The Party People Project

p.s. The parade starts at 3pm. But the organizers have told us out float won't get started until 4pm (it's a big parade). That's why we are meeting at 3:45. Don't be late.

Hopefully alot of us will represent!