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Imogen Heap @ The Guv


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i will cry as i reflect on this night, so bear with me.

i loved every flawed moment of it.

the show was supposed to start at 7 but i'm guessing they pushed it up a bit. zoe keating wrapped up around 7 fifteen, and although i wanted so very badly to hear more of this incredible cellist, we could barely hear anything anyway. the cash registers were louder than this poor girl's performance! i have no idea what the tech people were thinking.

all negative thoughts, however, were quickly blotted out by the arrival of ms. heap. her flamboyant hair piece and neatly corsetted frame looked stunning against the simple starry backdrop.

when she introduced us to her "band" it was official: the crowd was so completely in love with this lovely lady, she coulda done anything up there and we still would have kissed the ground she walked on.

only problem was that the sound was *still* way too low, and finally someone in the back shouted out that maybe imogen could speak more loudly. :O although i was caught off guard by the blunt statement, the singer rolled with it, made a few self-deprecating jokes, and magically the volume went up.


i wish i could comment more on the songs themselves, but i was in such a state of bliss i think most of the details were lost on me.

i sang along with nearly every word (sorry to whoever was standing next to me) and i almost lost it when i heard the opening notes of hide and seek.


about halfway through, ms. heap made some sort of electronic mistake and holy moly - she stopped the song and apologized!! it was so human and so awesome and the crowd continued to eat out of the palm of her very very talented hand. she picked up where she left off and the remainder of the evening was a blur of sweetly-accented anecdotes, gorgeous music, and a completely rapt audience.

her voice could have been coming straight off of the album. it was that perfect. she claimed to be a bit flat on one song, but i don't think the average person noticed. i sure as hell didn't. the few times she stumbled, she always drew attention to it, always made us giggle, and always made us appreciate her so-not-a-pop-star performance.

after the show, she pissed the hell out of guvernment security by coming out into the hallway and spending the next half hour or so signing autographs, having chats, and generally making us fall in love with her even more.

i think i'm done gushing for now. when she comes back to town, however, i am so there. no question. and the smaller the venue the better. maybe i can convince her to perform in my living room. <3

i hope to hear some more reviews.

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For those of us at the back, most of her in-between song mutterings were unfortunately lost. I don't understand how on a regular club night the sound can envelope you, and yet when an artist such as Imogen Heap or anyone non-dj/trance whathaveyou can the sound just plain stink.

Her performance was great but the overall sound was just terrible.
Putting her in the Kool Haus [or keeping it at the Mod club] would have been better.

If the bar is louder than the performance, it's time to make some serious changes.



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I have been dying to see her all year after catching here live on Letterman and The Daily Show and pretty much having her album on repeat for the last 3 months. I only found out she was touring here AFTER her show.




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i somehow managed to ignore most of the intrusive ambient sound, but every once in a while i'd here the freakin CASH REGISTERS dinging louder than her and i'd nearly go mental. so frustrating.

i'd love to know why it was so bad.
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at the last show she did at the El Mo she was fighting the whole time against these idiots making a ton of noise at the bar. Finally near the end of the show someone turned and told them to "shut the fuck up". I couldn't understand how people could come to see an artist like that and spend the whole concert talking loudly.

seems like the guv could have turned it up though?

sad I missed it she is an amzing performer.


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I don't know why the hell they put her in the Guv. She would have been much better off in a proper concert venue, like Massey Hall.


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massey hall would be *so* perfect for her. i can't think of a better venue (other than maybe my living room).

case sensitive

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Well, like the majority of experiences I've had over the last two years, it was a bittersweet show.

I had to sell two extra tickets before the show because people dropped out on me, so the scalper got 2 tickets for $10. But on the flip side I somehow made it on time (from Brampton to Newmarket to Toronto) even though the 427 on ramp was shut off entirely.

The show itself started off with many drinks and the opening act, which I thought was a background music CD.

Imogen took the stage, she started off by warming up in front of the crowd and quietly mumbling into the mic. But soon took the crowd by storm, delievering her distict brand of resonating vocals matched with technical prowess.

To me, "Just for Now" was the track that REALLY translated the best into a live performance. Very powerful.

The problem with the show has already been identified, not loud enough. Let's think about why ........... she was doing "electronic enhanced accepellas" the majority of the show. That creates a nightmare on the soundboard I would imagine, because you'd have to turn up the mic volume so loud that her vocals would distort in order to drown out the background noise (like cash registers).

The major problem with her performace was she let the vocals roll TOO MUCH. Tracks like "I Am in Love with You" and "Loose Ends" have proper production behind them that will fill a room and take control of the audience. But she let her vocals take center stage too often, and then introduced foreign beats that did not "fill out" the performance properly.

To contrast this point, when she played "Daylight Robbery" she brought the fucking place to its knees by letting her production contribution shine through along with the powerful vocals, and no background noise was going to get in the way of that track.

The show seemed really lacking flow. She shined through at some points and suffered at others. I would say she's better suited as a studio musican. Or she should stick to more intimate venues, more like a theatre setting where her classical tendacies would be better understood.


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i *must* make it for the november show.

i simply must.

i *heart* her so much.
so sad i missed this. especially after reading the reviews here. :(
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