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I'mficlomh gtiml

The Tesseract

TRIBE Member
3 vbase
2 rickards
1 blackthonrs

u,,... i dunno what the fuck else.

listening to DJ Cam T drop fat nbeas on 2 vescak and a numakr

it's aweosmezor0z. oh man... this is a newyars to forget

these are the jappy days

and by ja[ppy. i mean happy.... and by happy i mean paul jacobs... cause thats' a kickass chune.

i tyhink i',m up nezt to spin trashnce...
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play some brittney spears for me while you're up there....no wait, let me drink some more first.

The Tesseract

TRIBE Member
maybe is we hav some bshitney spheres, thenwed play it.

wewhent to a cougar bar earlier adt they ware paylying danze micks 93 iver their chitty steaoro.

tis was classic crapulence.
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{The Tesseract}
maybe thast cause you tu[e drink mors oftenthan us?

then again... that's not a good thing.
wow... ai got one sentence... i must besobering up/\
{/the tesseract}

[dj frigid]
hey, you're writing as me.

[the tesseract]
oh shit, yeah
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Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
maybe you aren't but I d3f am !
I cried at the dropping of the ball. I wanted a boy with me to make outl. I had 26ER OF RUM TO MAKE OUT WITH,. It wasn;t
pretty. i'm doing A ok gthough.. how about you ?

The Tesseract

TRIBE Member
a shower works wonders.

I Fuck... i didn't drink that much last night.

Although i do recall spinning some Chicago hardhouse... i dunno how that happened.
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