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I'm still Haiti's president, Aristide says


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I'm still Haiti's president, Aristide says
Last Updated Mon, 08 Mar 2004 9:57:04
BANGUI, CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC - Jean-Bertrand Aristide said on Monday that he still considers himself Haiti's leader, and called for "peaceful resistance" against the uprising that drove him into exile.

"I am the democratically elected president and I remain so," Aristide told reporters at his first news conference in the Central African Republic capital of Bangui.

"I plead for the restoration of democracy in Haiti."

Aristide left the country on Feb. 29 as his supporters fought in the streets with rebel forces.


Following his arrival in Bangui, Aristide charged that the United States had illegally removed him from power.

Aristide repeated that allegation in a phone conversation broadcast on Monday on French radio.

"The Haitian people resist and must continue to finalize a peaceful resistance to face down this unacceptable occupation that follows this political kidnapping," he said in an undated recording broadcast by RTL radio.

American officials deny that they engineered a coup, and insist they only helped Aristide flee the country because he had voluntarily given up the presidency.

An international peacekeeping force is now on the ground throughout Haiti, but the situation there remains chaotic.

FROM MARCH 7, 2004: Anti-Aristide rally turns deadly

On Sunday, five people were killed and more than 30 wounded when unidentified gunmen fired at thousands of unarmed demonstrators chanting "Try Aristide! Jail Aristide!" in front of the presidential palace in Port-au-Prince.

Written by CBC News Online staff
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From the horse's mouth:

I have always denounced the coming of this coup d'etat, but until the 27th of February, the day before, I didn't see that the crime was going to be accompanied by kidnapping as well. The 28th of February, at night, suddenly, American military personnel who were already all over Port-au-Prince descended on my house in Tabarre to tell me first that all the American security agents who have contracts with the Haitian government only have two options. Either they leave immediately to go to the United States, or they fight to die. Secondly, they told me the remaining 25 of the American security agents hired by the Haitian government who were to come in on the 29th of February as reinforcements were under interdiction, prevented from coming. Thirdly, they told me the foreigners and Haitian terrorists alike, loaded with heavy weapons, were already in position to open fire on Port-au-Prince. And right then, the Americans precisely stated that they will kill thousands of people and it will be a bloodbath. That the attack is ready to start, and when the first bullet is fired nothing will stop them and nothing will make them wait until they take over, therefore the mission is to take me dead or alive.