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i'm soo pissed off...


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so, i found out this weekend that some people are complete dicks!
i was at phil's (the bar) on thrusday and consumed quite a bit over my limit....
i stayed at my friend's residence and just before passing out realized that a didn't have my cell phone, it didn't really faze me tho in my drunken state and i assumed i left it in my car.....
so, the next morning we got up and went to the park....we pretty much spent 2 hours smoking weed and playing hackey sack and then i made my way home because i had to go to work....when i went to my car i found a police business card that said "please call constable so and so as soon a possible"....i figured i violated some sort of parking restriction by leaving my car there overnight and i'd call as soon as i got home...upon pulling up to my driveway i saw a police car in my driveway...
not cool, i was soo stoned at this point but had no choice but to go home cuz i had to get ready for work....so, i go in trying to look as normal as possible and i find my mom crying at the kitchen table talking to a police officer....
as soon as i walked in i was praised for being alive and asked repeately where i was all night and if i was okay....
so, i told them i went to the bar, drank and couldn't drive home....
then, they explain to me why all this comotion is going on...
turns out whoever stole/found my cell phone went through my phonebook, called my grandmother at 6:00 in the morning and told her her grandchild was hurt and dying and hung up.....my grandma freaked out and checked her call display to see my cell number and called the cops and they began their search for me (going to my work, calling my friends, going to friend's houses, looking for my car)
i was completely oblivious to all of this and had forgotten that my phone even went missing until that point...
now, whoever did this is a complete ass!! seriously, there's absolutely nothing funny about waking up a 82 year old woman and practicaly scaring her to death...and causing such comotion with the rest of my family and the police and what not....
i'm just so pissed off that someone would do that and i'm terrified to get my phone bill because it'll probably be like $800....
aren't there any honest people out there anymore?? i want to find out who did this but probably never will and they'll keep getting away with doing stupid shit like that....bastards...



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WOW, did you phone you suspend your phone yet??? that might be a good idea, that's a crazy story, Sorry but one day you might look back and laugh, don't worry I didn't make any collect calls... Just Kidding. Seriously though make sure you call and let the provider know this way they will suspend the charges or reduce it.

Good Luck,



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poor noco's grandma!

what kind of person does this you ask? stupid immature drunken college types come to mind. its a generalization but not a stretch (see: "i was at phils")

at least you didnt get more parking tickets :s

or in shit for being stoned around the filth



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Originally posted by ~NoCo~

i was at phil's (the bar) on thrusday

There's your first mistake...

That's fucking sick though. People always wonder why i bitch about the drunk jock frat types in this city. I dunno what it is about their innate need to cause shit and destroy everything, but fucking hell. It seems to come out the worst in that dirty place too.



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