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I'm representing T-dot on DI.FM this Monday Sept 6 from 2-3PM EST


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Hey fellow Torontonians (and Canadians).

I'm excited to share with all of you that one of my mixes is going to be featured on Digitally Imported (www.di.fm), the largest electronic dance music (EDM) internet radio station, on Monday Septmber 6th (Labour Day) from 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. EST on their tech house channel.

As many of you know, Toronto is home to one of the greatest underground EDM scenes, particularly if you love tech house. Some of the greatest talent in the scene are residents here, including Carlo Lio, Matteo DiMarr, The Junkies, and more. It is my goal to secure a monthly spot on DI.FM's lineup that will be themed around showcasing our talent to the rest of the world.

This is where I could greatly use your help and support. My success in securing this residency is completely dependent on how successful my airing of my mix will be, and unfortunately, I cannot think of a single worse day/time for them to be playing my mix and expecting results. Besides the fact that Labour Day weekend is probably the most traveled weekend of the year, but I'll also be competing against one of the biggest parties of the year: Labour Day beats at the Comfort Zone (most likely at the same time as Deko-ze will be killing it).

So, with that said, if you'll still be in town, and anywhere near a computer (or even an iPhone/iTouch device), I would greatly appreciate your support. You can help by doing one of the following things:

1) Tuning in and listening on a computer or iPhone/iPod Touch device (instructions how to do this below)
2) Providing feedback before, during or after the show on the DI.FM forum
3) Spreading the word to anyone you know who might also be interested.

Here's how to tune in:

You can visit their website at www.di.fm and select "Listen Now" on their menu at the top, finding "Tech House" in the list that appears, and then selecting one of the listening options.


You can listen using Winamp (best choice) by clicking this link, downloading the file and opening it in Winamp:

You can listen using Windows Media Player by clicking this link:
Tech House - Digitally Imported

And finally you can listen on a Mac using this link:

To listen on an iPhone/iPod you must download the DI.FM application onto the device from the iTunes Store, and then tune into the Tech House channel.

Also, like I previously mentioned, you could greatly help out by posting feedback in the forum regarding the mix, to let me (and them) know whether you loved it, hated it, or at the very least listened to it. Here is a direct link to the forum thread for my mix:
Upcoming guest mix - Digitally Imported Forums

And remember, if you are either a deejay or producer from Toronto in the tech house scene, then it would especially be of interest of you to help out, because I'll be looking to be playing YOUR mixes and brand new tracks on my show once it gets established. Help me out here, and I'll definitely return the favour!

Thanks in advance to all who participate.
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