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i'm posting from my phone

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Joe Seven

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TaCk OnE? said:
does it look just the same?

or is it some bizarro tribe

I've tried this before... unless you have a Treo 650 or something similar you just see text... you can scroll around and read threads but it's really difficult, and gets frustrating fast. Web on phones sux balls.

TaCk OnE?

TRIBE Member
yah, that's what I thought

I thought maybe they'd finally got full wifi and html and all that sorted out on phones....but I mean, it'd be the size of a match book anyway....


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I just got the Motorola Q... it looks just like regular tribe... complete with banner ad's and everything! all the other websites i went to look normal as well.

thankfully I've got unlimited email and internet for the next 3 months.. after that.. no more internet on the phone unless it's very important! and I will set it up so images and other fancy shiz can't be veiwed.
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If it's rogers, 'unlimited' data means 25mb, after that, hope you brought lube.

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I posted from my Treo 650 before. My work was not impressed when they got the $800 bill for the month :eek:

Anyway, now I use a wi-fi adapter for my phone if I want to use the internet (which is almost never as I am around the net so much at work and home).


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you know what would be really neat?

if one could, say, make a phonecall....from an airplane or something!
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ev said:
what's that and how does that work?
It's a thing that fits around my phone and allows access to wi-fi tcp/ip networks (like in many houses/cafes etc.). If the network is unencrypted as many are, I just hop on and use the internet for free on my phone. It's really only good if you are at a place where you know they will have wi-fi but you don't feel like carrying a laptop. When I use it, web pages and downloading on my phone are about 100 times faster then just with the old Bell Mobility network. I must confess I don't use it much though.

It looks like this (including the phone): https://www.enfora.com/shop/detail.aspx?ID=43


I don't know if they make one for your phone though Ev. . .
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