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I'm on Jelo's Utility Room Tomorrow


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I'm a guest on Jelo's Utility Room pod tomorrow.

Topics include: the warehouse party to rave transition, early DJ career, what TRIBE was really about, my encounter with James Brown, where are the photographs!?!*!, funkifying the global cannabis sector with TRIBE to showcase Canadian quality...

It's a nice wide ranging discussion I think. Also Jelo is amazing as always and it was a pleasure seeing him in person here in the studio.

Get it where you get your podcasts, or go here:

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Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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This was a really great conversation. It was a great look back at an amazing time, and what new adventures AlexD has planned. I have also been sorting through all my past media and keepsakes, for a medical timeline I’m working on. I’d be happy to donate doubles i have(I usually got double prints) to your archive.