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im not *not* licking toads...


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Genus: Bufo
Species: alvarius


Bufotenine and related 5-hydroxy-indolethylamines are common constituents of venoms of the genera Hyla, Leptodactylus, Rana and Bufo. Bufotenine is not psychedelic in reasonable doses (with larger doses there are dangerous physiological side effects), but the skin of one species, Bufo alvarius, contains 50-160 mg 5-MeO-DMT/g of skin (Daly & Witkop 1971). It's a very large (upto 17 cm) toad with cranial crests and elongated parotid glands, and is the only Bufo species known to contain a hallucinogenic tryptamine (McKenna & Towers 1984). Most (1984) gives instructions for collecting and drying the venom:
Fresh venom can easily be collected without harm to the toad. Use a flat glass plate or any other smooth, nonporous surface at least 12-inches square. Hold the toad in front of the plate, which is fixed in a vertical position. In this manner, the venom can be collected on the glass plate, free of dirt and liquid released when the toad is handled.
When you are ready to begin, hold the toad firmly with one hand and, with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand, squeeze near the base of the gland until the venom squirts out of the pores and onto the glass plate. Use this method to systematically collect the venom from each of the toad's granular glands: those on the forearm, those on the tibia and femur of the hind leg, and, of course, the parotids on the neck. Each gland can be squeezed a second time for an additional yield of venom if you allow the toad a one-hour rest preiod. After this the glands are empty and require four to to six weeks for regeneration.

The venom is viscous and milky-white in color when first squeezed from the glands. It begins to dry within minutes and acquires the color and texture of rubber cement. Scrape the venom from the glass plate, dry it thoroughly, and store it in an airtight container until you are ready to smoke it.


sounds like a good plan to me :)



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aye but it wont send you to a magical land with gum drop houses on lollipop lane
bathed in colourful geometrical shapes of course



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smoking toad-venom, eating ferret shit: further proof that (some; hallucinogenic) drugs should be legalized. if for no other reason than to save some people's dignity. :D
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^^^thats what i was thinking! and think about it, you could keep it as a pet and every 2 weeks or so extract more and more and it would be self renewable!!

even though the thought of smoking something with the same texture as rubber cement grosses me out for some reason.
but hell! dmt!



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At WEMF 2001 some guy was charging $5 a lick for a toad...no joke. The worst part is we actually saw 2 sketchpads fork over the cash for a lick!!

The guy found the toad in the bushes :confused:


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DMT can be extracted from grasses, i.e Phalaris, that grow all over Ontario. And I mean real DMT, not 5-MeO-DMT... can get a good 100mg/ kg of grass (5mg is a good ride).

Toad venom contains a bunch of other shitty things like bufotenine... not good, supposedly.