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I'm looking to trade my 1200's


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anyone have those vestax tables cant remember model number soemone help me out here, my 12's are in beautiful looking and working condition 1 black 1 silver snapped the tone arm clip off the silver one also silver one light is burnt out, but ya looking to trade for those vestax tables or some studio gear also anyone looking for a rane ttm 54 got a buddy who's selling one
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i'll see diablo's half a box of cereal [sorry all i've got is honey crunch corn flakes] and raise him 12 empty cans of coke


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Hold on...I'll toss in three poverty packs of empties of Rickard's Red. You can return them for change, spend the change on a newspaper, and stay informed!
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Give them to me ..

I'll add the following to my bid:

- 22 "Fortinos" plastic shopping bags
- an empty kleenex box
- 1.7 lbs of snow
- 3 coastered cds
- one copy of "Marketing: Canadian Business Edition" text book
- one bottle of Raspberry White Zinfandel
- 2 pictures of me when i was 13 years old


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Originally posted by tEkKiD
hey Otis! buy , sell & rent isn't TRADE!!

but i really know you don't care that much where this thread is right?:)

I wasn't trying to be a dick. The person would have a better chance of a trade in the right area.