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"I'm Inspired" - by Roland Clark


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I'm inspired
two simple word by a sometimes distant poet
trying to find his way through misty fogs of thought
his word intertwined like a kalidescope in his mind
an nothing seemed to click until Fatima
I'm inspired by the rhythms of my solitude
and the pulsations in my chest
that beats louder and louder
with each passing breath
until theres nothing left but just to write it down
Guided my muse, and i don't even know her name
but someone helped me with these metaphors , something got me through this verse
Maybe her name is Inspiration
and she lays upon my bed and creeps into my head and fill my mind with funky thoughts,
designing all my dreams , hopes and desires
I'm Inspired
I'm inspired by the moon, the earth's disco ball
I'm inspired by the winter ,summer, spring and fall
and words pop into my mind like rain against glass
and burn through my soul, first slow and the fast
I hear sounds and feel feeling like i never felt before
it's like a celestrial hint knocking at my door
and hence forth that thing that keeps me so deep
that rush we all feel when we we all stomp our feet
so i rise to the occasion to give glory to the underground
it's not enough to be a witness
i have to write it down
I'm Inspired

I'm inspired by the collective way we choose to celebrate
with dips, spills, spins, and turns
like natives of the brick jungle
we dance within these walls
with utter antcipation of bass drops and filtered loops
and we sing and we shout, and give thanks the now
for this moment in time
for the symbolic way that we enjoy one another
sister to sister
brother to brother
we understand this need
so go forth my house nation
and never forget , you're my true inspiration
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