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I'm In!!!!

Evil Dynovac

TRIBE Member
Hey! There are enough of us you live in the Ryerson neighbourhood. We should set up a Tribe meeting for drinkage after work one day. We could even drink at a Ryerson pub or better yet at the Imperial on Dundas. That way we can bask in the sketchy crackiness of our neighbourhood.

I love walking on Dundas.

Dundas & Yonge - Eaton Center, cool stores, the new city square, bright lights, big city!

Dundas and Church - nice condo or two, nice stores, the gaybourhood is a five minute walk north. What's this though? A pawn shop? A shady restaurant? Hmm...

Dundas and Jarvis - CRACKTON! Terrible looking shops, bums, winos, hookers, and it gets even worse as you go further east.

It's like the wrong side of the tracks on the Simpsons. The change is almost instantaneous!