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I'm in full eating mode

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I almost finished a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday!!!!

Damn wal-mart now carrying Krispy Kremes!!! Last time I go shopping after smoking a "J"

I have they most upset stomach you could possibly ever have!


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Originally posted by mr tall
I had roast leg of lamb with thyme infused risotto, with '96 sterling reserve cab, and some '00 le volte that was left from last night. Also some Cave Springs reisling that went into the risotto.


What did you think of the Le Volte? I've found the '99 and '00 were clearly a step down from previous vintages ('97 and '98), and are only passable in quality.

-- Jay aka Fut


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haha i was just saying today that after having like no appetite whatsoever for the past two weeks, it's come back with a vengeance. i'm fucking starving...i believe it's in preparation for all the christmas goodies :rolleyes:
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