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I'm in full eating mode

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I just had a roast beef and potatoes dinner and I am going to eat a second dinner again.
Duck, rice and all the fixins.
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Originally posted by Big Cheese
are you wine pairing though?

a nice '01 gewurztraminer with a big mac combo perhaps?

always !

I had roast leg of lamb with thyme infused risotto, with '96 sterling reserve cab, and some '00 le volte that was left from last night. Also some Cave Springs reisling that went into the risotto.

just went back for 3 bowls of corn flakes and an orange, unpaired.
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I just finished a kickass super sunday soulfood dinner with a few friends...

honey bbq ribs
sausage and traditional bread stuffed chicken
sweet fried corn and broccoli
red and white wine
medium rare roast
scalloped potates
a shit load of gravy
homemade apple pie with ice cream

God I love the hoildays

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Big Cheese

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Originally posted by mr tall
Also some Cave Springs reisling that went into the risotto.

yum, cave springs had a great year IMO

that reisling would pair nicely with a Big Harv Combo + frings

p.s i just off work and all jokes aside, i'm going to Jane n' Bloor Breakfast and getting stuffed :D
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I lost 4 pounds due to this fucked up cold that I have been dealing with for over a week.

I guess that's good, once the Xmas dinners start, I am going to gain it all back and then some...


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Some horrendous fiend gave our office a big box of gourmet Christmas cookies- its sitting right in my peripheral vision : /

This morning as well my boss brought in breakfast holiday pastries and a chocolate torte. So much for staying in shape.


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hmmm.... yeah... this thread is making me really hungry.... i think i'll go eat my lunch now.. oh wait, it's only 9:54.. that's too early

Marcin M :)


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I just ate half of my lunch... actually I usually finish my lunch before 10:30... I have no self control!

j bunny 2000

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i've lost 10 pounds in the last month due to my chaotic work/school schedule. I'm looking foward to gaining it back this holiday season. Bring on the chocolate and the eggnog.

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