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I'm in Budapest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have been here since Monday and I love this city. Sooooo beutiful. I think i brought the nice weather with me from Canada, as it has been bright and sunny and 20+ degrees C all week. I cant get over how cheap this country is. A half litre of beer in a bar is about $1.75, and a half litre of beer at a corner store is about $.95. The women are soooo good looking its rediculous. I am going to see Max Grahm at some night club in about an hour or so. Havent been to a European party since i went to Base Camp in Copenhagen back in 99.

I will try to post all the pictures when i get back.

Have fun in Canada people!

cheers, Christopher Reynolds


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loved Budapest.

stayed at a hostel with a 24 hour bar in the basement, where all the ex-pats used to hang out too.

n.b. 24 hour bars in the basement of a hostel = dangerously good time.


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Budapest is my city!!!!!

I love that place. Definitely plan on going back there this summer.

Swillyo Sano
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My girlfriend's family on her mom's side were smuggled out of that country when the iron curtain went down.

Hope you make it out of there alive!

:) I hop you have fun.


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i fell in love with a girl last night that did not know how to speak english but loved the freestylers.... sone say the only true language is love, but my true love is break beats
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visit the club 'rio'

i had a great night there...

or the island with all the clubs on it! i had a great time there too!


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I didnt really have the time of my life there but that might be because it was aprox 12-15 degrees in the middle of fucking august and it was raining constantly, and i only had tshirts with me. that sucked.

oh well...maybe next time