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Im heading to Calgary


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Heading out to Calgary and Baniff for our National Sales Conference from Jan 9th-15th, for some skiing and fun/frolic.

Any recomendations besides Cowboys?

Staying at the swanky Hyatt Regency Calgary
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Chris...here are you from?

I'm an old partier from TO and have been on hiatus in Alberta and Northern BC for the past 6-7 months. Now I'm chillin in Edmonton although I do have a couple Calgarian contacts who frequent the scene there. I can check with them for you. I think the city is big on house but not sure...what beats are ya into?



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Fridays at the warehouse - Dom G or bitchass will have to fill us in on who is there that weekend..
saturdays @ manhattans if you like house
wednesdays @ manhattans for jungle
I will post here if any parties are announced for that weekend too!


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Thanx for the info! Also, I heard someone may be trying to bring in Hartec from Toronto to play in Calgary, not sure of the date but I think not until April. Any word on this anyone?
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