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I'm Going To Be An Aunt!


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i just found out yesterday... my 22 year old sister who got married last summer is preggo.



probably not thread-worthy of itself, but still, let us all squeal and stab ourselves in the ovaries in celebration!

are you an aunt? how many nieces/nephews do you have?
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aunting is awesome!

i have a crapload of ex-neices and ex-nephews, which i still think of as being 'mine', even tho the relationship is over... they are:
max - almost 10 years old!?!?!! omg - i remember when he was BORN!
mo - ~8 years. same as above!
lily- i believe she'll be 6 in the fall.
sam - also almost 8. he was born the year i moved to toronto. his mom was desperately trying to bring on labour on my moving day, by walking from yorkdale mall, to st-clair and christie!!
emme - 5? 6?
damnit - i remember all their birthDAYs, but not the year!
ah well.
plus there's christian - who must be somewhere in the area of 15-16 now. yeesh.

then there's my "current" neice and nephew (my sister's kids), who call me 'rara', cuz 'sarah' is too difficult for the 2 year old :D:
emily: turning four in the fall
joshua: just turned 2.

then i've got a whole crapload of friends with kids, all of whom are awesome.
soooooooooooo many kids in my life.

i can't WAIT for emily to be old enough to do 'sleepovers' at my place! we're going to play silly games and stay up late (10 pm!!), and put make up on each other... wheeeeeee! (i'm her godmother too)
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I have two nephews and I love them to bits. In October, I will have another niece/nephew and I'm totally excited.
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congrats Jess! Sadly, i have no nieces/nephews yet, but I love my cousin's kids. Zack - 6 and Max - 3. Adorable little scoundrels.


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Being an aunt is the fucking best thing ever. My niece is a little bundle of amazing and I love her more than any person on the planet. She is just so perfect.

Congrats Jess :) It seriously changed my life. (I think moreso because I am living with her... but still. She was the greatest birthday gift ever! I can't believe she is almost a year old!)


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my sister had a boy in february - i havent seen him since easter cuz they live in another city and i'm dying to see him again because he will have changed so much by now!

i can't wait til he's a bit older and i can take him to do fun stuff and buy him treats and spoil him! hehe.


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congrats Jess.

Being an aunt is awesome. When my sister had Meagan (14) I got my ultimate revenge. I get her for a weekend then send her back with a whole new vocabulary / wardrobe that my sister would have me hanged for.

Justification for all the years of torment she put me thru. totally fair.

I'm Auntie Coco to 5 nieces and 3 nephews.

Holy crap... that's a lot.
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I'm a new auntie too! My niece was born at the end of December and she is adorable.
Being an aunt/uncle is the best relationship as you get to go home at the end of the day/weekend - hee hee!


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i was praying for one of them to pop one out for ages... i just never thought it would be my YOUNGER sibling to have kids first!



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being an aunt is one of my favourite favourite things about being me. i have two nieces - age 7 and 9 - and they are like little shining stars. :) they are my prime motivation for FINALLY trying to get my license. i despise not getting to see them on a regular basis.


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That is crazy Jess. Congratz to you and your sis!!!

I wouldloveto be an aunt..but I don't think my brother will ever be a dad unless he knocks some chick up by accident lol. He is still young though, so you never know.
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congrats Jess! you'll love it. especially the fact that you can give them back at the end of the day ;)

i'm auntie to two nephews
Niccolo' - my sister's little boy who is 4;
Spencer - my sister-in-law's little boy who is 15 mos.

unfortunately the first lives in Italy and the second in Victoria, BC, so I don't get to see either very often. :(


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i would agree that the best part of being an aunt is that you get to have all the fun stuff and then give them back when they are tired and cranky! :p
in all honesty i love my nephews (nicholas 7 and matthew 5) and my little niece (emily who will be one in august). i absolutely love hanging out with them.


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someone please inform me of the best way to silently pressure my sister away from chosing shitty fantasy novel-esque names for her poor children.

"torian" or "raedyn" for a boy.


my nephew's gonna get the shit kicked out of him.


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The name thing is always a tricky issue. My cousin is pregnant for the first time (the first baby in my family and she is so close to me its like I will be an Aunt!! I am super excited!!) and we were all discussing names the other day. Her and I both liked Orlando for a boy... I realize this is a strange name but we liked it. And now they have agreed on Logan. I love this name. So we did go through a bit of a crazy name phase but we eventually saw the light. Maybe it will be the same for your sister?
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Well when we were all talking about it, I mentioned what I would name a girl if I had one and then my sister (who is older) said she liked it too and she start hinting towards her having a baby first!! I can't imagine having 2 Lorelai's in the family... And yes this is only because my favorite show is Gilmore Girls!!!


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this is my niece Elbereth (JRR Tolkien name) -- i got her that outfit for her 2nd birthday on the 26th!


BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! my sis-in-law wants me to have babies soon so that they're not too far apart. errrrrrrrm... not makin one on my own any time soon!! :O :O i love other people's babies.


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my beautiful little 3 and a half year old neice has a severely broken leg.

[slide accident - her father landed *on* her... i can't even imagine how he must feel. :eek: ]

she's in a cast from just above her knee, down to her ankle, and she can't put any weight on it - so no walking/running or playing with her 2 yr old brother, or swimming! *and* she's on codeine, cuz the pain is so severe (one bone broken, and another one is *bent*!).
she's going to see the orthopedic surgeon on thursday, so i'm gonna hang out with my nephew while they're at the hospital.

it's making me so sad. :(
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