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I'm Coming Out to My Dad Tonight!


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octo said:
wait till dessert to bring it up. at least if you have vamoose you'll be well fed
I'm plowing my dad with white wine first.

I was thinking of drinking some scotch myself first.


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Good Luck Sunny

i think doing this sans alcohol is probably a better idea, I'm sure its going be a heck of a lot harder without but a much better plan....
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Eccentric (LRG)

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Awe I'm proud of yah Sunny. Best of Luck.
I've always thought That when I have children one day, if by chance they were homosexual. I'd be cool with it. The times are changing. Even for the old. You'll be okay. And if it is shocking for him. Give him a bit and it'll sink in that you're still human.

*I'm sending you a big Courage filled hug*
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yeah sunny... maybe the booze isn't such a great idea if you think he'll react negatively. maybe wait till after? you want him to take it in and take you seriously - he might not be able to process what's going on as well as if he were sober.

that said, i wish you the best of luck, and know that no matter how he takes it: time heals all. not only that, you've got a wonderful supportive network of friends who all love you for who you are, no exceptions.

hopefully your dad will realize you're the exact same son you were before you told him.



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i'm proud of you sunny :)
call me after

our families can have commiseration sessions after ;p
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madnezz said:
Hope all goes well Sunny. I think it might be unrealistic to expect that you can mention it and then switch to another topic of conversation though. It might be best to expect the worst reaction so you're not surprised if that's what happens. Just remember that immediate reaction is not how he will feel given a little time.
Agreed. And good luck.


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wait does this mean your going to have to change your TRIBE name? just kidding, I hope all goes well.
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sending you lots of positve energy and love.

dads know more then you think ;) and some mellow over time. good luck sunnybrave.


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Good luck.

My comming out was pretty pain-free. My mom simply asked me to 'leave the house for the weekend' (of which I was planning on doing anyways), but more in a "I need a moment to deal with this", not a "get out of my house you fag" kind of way. Came back a few days later, had a long talk - and went very well.

My mom told my dad after I moved out - while his initial reaction was a bit harsh, he quickly came around and is now 100% fine with it.

I know everyones relationship with their parents are different, but I could not imagine keeping something as big and as part of me as being gay is away from my family.
I wish you the best.
It's unfortunate that your language does not have the words necessary to express how you feel about yourself. Having only negative connotations is very difficult. Is there a way you can give your sexual status/being gay an English name that doesn't reflect the tone of your mother tongue?


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Jme said:
wait does this mean your going to have to change your TRIBE name? just kidding, I hope all goes well.

Good luck, MoFo! I can imagine it's a very hard thing to do, but it's good to get out in the open.

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