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I'm being haunted buy Oakie's Tranceport


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Yep the original Tranceport. I have been in three different places in 2 days and have heard it. Yesterday twice: Once at the hair Salon if that isn't weird enough. But the second time it was at the juice bar at my gym, the girls behind the counter had it blaring. I found both instances weird.

But today took the cake. I was at Future shop and it was pumping out of every speaker in the music section, Future Shop!!!

Has it been re-released or something? This can't be just an odd coincidence can it?

Jamie = Confused


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Alot of sales reps = college/university kids (like my brother) and they get to choose what's played on the stereos. Oakenfolds made a big name for himself in the mainstream (with his Blade 2 soundtrack tune and all) and is the new thing for kids who think they are underground.

My brother however tests stereo's to Danny Howells ;)

:) <--- I wanna work at futureshop. EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT BABY!