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I'm back! Did anybody miss me? Yes?


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Back from South Africa and Mauritius. This year's trip was quite different as my girlfriend came down for a 3 week visit and we did an amazing safari trip. Although I have been to many of the parks in SA before to see animals, I have never seen as many animals as we did this year. It was insane! Elephants attacking cars, herds of elephants close up, dozens of rhinos, and all kind of buck and antelope, hippos, crocs...
She got to meet my cousins and old aunt and SA friends which was nice, and even did some metal detecting with me in the water too.
I did a huge amount of work on my house before she came down, prepped and painted the exterior, and also did a roof job earlier in the year. Put on new gutters and fascia board.
Then on the way home I spent 2 weeks in Mauritius to treasure hunt two different areas of the island. I did pretty well too, although I put in like 5-6 hours a day at it and most of the finds had to be chipped out of an old dead coral reef underwater which was like concrete.


South West coast of Mauritius in Tamarind Bay


Mauritius finds.


Very old silver ring with 3 carat white sapphire.


The gear I used.


Mauritian Rupees.


Flic en Flac Beach.


Trou Aux Biches Beach
Stop Bill C-10


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GF and I in St. Lucia Wetlands Park.


Hippos in St. Lucia Wetland Park.


Rear View Zebras Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park.


GF and I at Emdomeni Cat Rehab Sanctuary.


Rhinos at Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park.
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Aaron Bradley

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Missed you! Gonna really miss you one day if you get in between a Hippo and water. I noticed in your pic of the Hippo that you were on dry land and the Hippo was in the water. Swap places and that story goes south very quickly.