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I'm a Daddy!


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Ethan Connor Grant was born at 5:15 pm yesterday (the 4-20, yes, I know...), on his due date exactly. A perfectly healthy boy!

7 lbs. 9 oz., with strawberry blonde hair and deep green (subject to change) eyes.

Mother Christine (Cristal, sister to Chernobyl) is doing fine...

I think without a doubt this was the most amazing experience I have ever had. Watching my first child arrive firsthand, seeing him look up at me for the first time, grabbing my little finger with his tiny hand - and looking back at Christine and seeing how happy the two (now three!) of us are.

So far he's been a quiet one. Not much crying at all!

...anyway, thought you guys might like to hear about this. More later - I have to get back to the hospital!
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Thats so amazing, glad to hear that baby and mother are doing well! That is an extremely cute picture!



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awww...........you have got yourself a little Aries/Taurus cusp baby.......congradulations!!!!.........all the best to your little family!!

Peace, Maxine
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Definitely one of the more pleasant announcements I've read on tribe lately. ;) hehe

My best,

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awwwww congrats! :)

and it looks like we found ourselves a sacrificial lamb to sacrifice to our pagan rave god at the next tribe party! ;)

those evil dirty satanic ravers.

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Thats wicked man, congrats!

You named him Ethan because he won survivor right? Guess its better than Big Tom :)

now...who's your daddy?

Booty Bits

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your son has the same birthday as my big brother.

so far, hes turned out pretty good. :)

congratulations and all the best!
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