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illfingas @ milano [04-14-2002]


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What a WICKED pre-birthday party!

I think i have a new favourite local - ILLFINGAS. This guy is seriously ILL. I think he can match Don Marcus himself in his mixes. Flawless and versatile!

Some weird shit by one of the MCs (not L Natural, the other guy.. who the hell is he anyway?). He was either drunk or high or both, and kept ruining the flow of both the dj and the other mc. At one time Illfingas just put down his headphones and left. He returned after a minute though...and for some reason kept smiling, didnt look pissed at all.

slip n slide were pretty good as well. Havent seen them in a long long time. I should visit milano more often.

got pix (obviously).
will post later...
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last night was my first night back to milano on a sun since maybe a year?? and it definitely lived up to all the praise i'd been hearing about it. great music, great vibe, comfortable couches. i pulled myself outta there at 2, but illfingas definitely made it so i didn't want to leave. my only complaint is that it's on a sun. today was brutal.

alex, i'm glad you had a good time. :D


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I love this place when I need a jungle fix, it's always a solid Sunday night. Big pints, free pool, and a wicked crowd, not to mention some sweet ass jungle.

There were some funny rhymes coming from the MC when Slip 'n Slide was on, he kept going on about "bunin your weed outside if you got it, I don't want anyone getting kicked out". A direct quote from me to my friend: "Yo, the guy's talking US!"

What was the track that was played right when Illfingas came on? I know it was a remix of a song I've heard almost every time I've gone to a jungle party, it has a really sick drop. Yeah, I'm a total jungle noobie.


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Im sorry i missed this.
Illfinga's is my fav. local.
Slip&Slide are in there too aside from Marcus.
It woulda been nice to see 2 of the 3 rock it out.

I didnt even know he was there.
I should check the up commin events forum more often :(

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