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das right...
SATURDAY January 31st 2004..
ILLEGAL_RADIO returns to tear up your pc's, blow your sub woofer and
melt your lap top speakers with the sounds of illegal_.

10lb sound

this trio known for there hiphop and jungle turntablist mashups on 3 decks

one of toronto's most dedicated dj's and co-founder of illegal_sound crew...
the king of the ring C-RAT

like ragga? like oldschool mashup? sick tunes and skilled cutz?
GRADE "A" is yo man

old school selections of dep intelligent drum and bass and tearrin amen mashups

known for his terroristik soundz making babylon crumble with his shattered beat hyperstyle sixteenarmedjack

hosted by the skilled and deep
enlight and
emperor selah

show starts at 7pm eastern standard time
and ends when we too blunted.

tune in at http://streams.ragga-jungle.com/tunein.m3u

also the tune in link on the front page
keep posted for more upcomming shows and events at www.ragga-jungle.com
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