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I'll ask here, bet you guys know!!!


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Recently I have noticed a new trend in internet music. I dl a set from soulseek and when I go to play it in winamp the time is all over the place.

Example 1: An 80 min set/cd will read 400 min in winamp. Then the time will very quickly go to 70 min, then 45 min, then 67 min. It sounds fine in winamp but I can't transfer to cd cause my burner reads it as 400 min and therefore too big for the cd....

Example 2: A track or set will just plain count wrong. 5:45 5:44 5:45 5:46 5:43 and so on. It sounds fine in winamp but I think it will not perform right after it is burned because of this funky time thing.

Can anyone help? Is there anyway to fix these time inconsistencies?




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has to do with the encoding... VBR sometimes does freaky things. I can't remember what program does it... but if you encode a track with VBR on and a high bitrate it would cause it to do that.... maybe wavelab?
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Is VBR the way to go these days? Is that what everyone's doing or is it just Tribe cool?

People still use Winamp?